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Best Jerro Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Jerro Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Jerro

1. Demons - Massane Remix

Sophia Bel,

2. Lost

Lizzy Land

3. Need Somebody

Lizzy Land

4. Breaking Apart

5. Go Back Now (feat. Beacon)

6. Give It Up


7. To Feel Again / Trois

8. Breathless


9. Demons

Sophia Bel

10. The Fool

Jerro Details

If you’re a fan of the melodic styles of dance music coming from This Never Happened then Jerro is an artist who should be on your radar. Bringing sweet sounds to speakers near and far from his home base in Belgium, he continues to impress and build off of each release that surfaces and has become a frequent name that appears in Lane 8’s seasonal mixes.

After being featured on Root To Branch Vol. 3 with “Vrolix” and two collaborations with Rylan Taggart, “Memories Never Die” and “Signal,” last year, his growth in 2019 has been impossible to ignore. Back in April, he dropped a five-track EP dubbed The Fool, and now with the winter months on the horizon, he’s unleashed four more tracks for listeners to vibe out to on the label, Pantheon.