Electronic music producers are unique individuals with theskills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce transcendentmusic. Some are more than just musicians through; they represent a way of lifethat embraces innovation, technology, and communion through sound. They shareit, travel it and some simply live it. Argy, aka Argyris Theofilis, born of Rhodes, Greece, is one of these rareartists – perhaps even the epitome of this way of life. Utterly dedicated tohis work, Argy's passion bleeds through in everything he does, from interviewsand conversations to creating deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-arthouse music. Just 25 years old, the Berlin-based artist is already among theelite of the underground club scene. He seized the spotlight with the massive2005 hit ‘Love Dose’, duly remixed and championed by Luciano, and hasn’tstopped since.

In the past five years Argy has worked with an impressive array of labelsranging from Sven Vath's Cocoon and Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity to classichouse imprint Ibadan and even Defected. Always seeking to break down barriers,Argy's studio collaborations and club events with New York DJs The MartinezBrothers have brought together audiences and sounds from formerly unconnectedworlds, drawing inspiration from their mutual appreciation and friendship. Thissame spirit of collaboration is evident on Argy's first full-length project 'Focuson: Argy', released on Poker Flat in 2008, where he works with fellow musicluminaries such as Jerome Sydenham and DJ Gregory, creating a fusion ofinfluences rarely witnessed in techno music. Two subsequent DJ mixcompilations: 'Cavo Paradiso 09: The Master Sessions' and ‘D.Edge Sao Paolo’ onhis own imprint, These Days, confirm that Argy's output to date is only the tipof the iceberg. He has a rare talent for taking audiences on musical journeysthey might never have imagined.

Argy developed his love affair with night-time culture as an teenager, thanksto memorable club experiences headed by the U.S. house scene‘s finest.Fascinated by the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate, Argydreamed of performing, using the concentration of the DJ to feed and fuel theresponse of the crowd. Fittingly, he has developed a unique style of mixing inkey which allows him to combine everything and from classic techno to deepdisco, weaving a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization of genre orera.

This eclecticism carries over to his label These Days, which is an outlet forArgy’s relentless pursuit of artistic perfection. The imprint rose in 2009 andhas since released music from Argy, DJ Duke, The Martinez Brothers, StephenBrown, Radio Slave, Beat Pharmacy, Jerome Sydenham and more. In addition toproduction duties Argy does everything from A&R to artwork, determined tomake the label an “up-to-date yet timeless” ideas platform.

”I could never be a music purist,” Argy says, “I find beauty in so manythings.” Among his fascinations are architecture, current affairs, visual art(growing up in Greece, he planned to be a painter before he discoveredclubbing) and music as varied as bossa nova, jazz, Krautrock, and Africantrance.

Emanating clarity and focus – on both a personal and musical level – rare forone of his years, Argy represents a new breed of far-sighted talent drivingmodern electronic dance music. He considers the future with confidence. “I wastaught that there is nothing that you cannot do, and that if you love it youwill do it well”, he says. And, as fans across the globe will testify, Argydoes music very well indeed.


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