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Best Lawrence Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Lawrence Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

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Best of Lawrence

1. i'm confident that i'm insecure

2. Don't Lose Sight

3. Do You Wanna Do Nothing with Me?

4. False Alarms (with Jon Bellion)

5. Casualty

6. The Weather (Acoustic)

7. It's Not All About You

8. Glad I'm Not Alone

Victor Franco,

9. Freckles

10. Probably Up

Lawrence Details

“We love the idea of pop music,” said Clyde Lawrence, one of the two Lawrence siblings at the forefront of the band. “The accessibility of it, the ‘hookiness’ of it, the catchiness of it all, the ability to hear something once and totally be into it; those are all a lot of things that I love. I just don’t happen to currently like a lot of the pop music. I would love to call our music ‘pop music.’ In fact, I think that our music sounds like what I wish pop music would sound like.”

Gracie Lawrence, the female powerhouse of the band, just graduated from high school. She’s putting off her recent acceptance to Brown University to go on tour with the rest of the band. Clyde Lawrence just graduated from Brown University with most of the other band members. Having used college as a place to collect musicians and create music with them, Clyde never molded his time for the sole purpose of academics.

“For me, college was … well, I looked at it as a musical opportunity in a lot of ways,” Clyde said. “I don’t mean to belittle the educational opportunities that I received at school. Brown’s a really great academic school, but I went to school with the intention of trying to put together a band.”

So Clyde and Gracie Lawrence and their band of college musicians played gigs in and around the Brown University community. At dance halls, public parties and small gigs up and down the East Coast, the band used their soul-based pop sound and long list of cover songs to attract a groovy college crowd.

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