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Best Corey Smith Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Corey Smith Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Corey Smith

1. If I Could Do It Again

2. Twenty-One

3. Fuck the Po-Po - Live

4. Daddy's Weed

5. Where I Wish I Was - Acoustic

6. Let Me Love You on a Backroad (The Roadhead Song) - Live

7. F*** the Po-Po - Live

8. The Football Song

9. Drinkin' Again

10. Country Livin'

Corey Smith Details

Corey Smith was named one of country music's hottest new artists by Country Weekly and Music Row Magazine and was featured on the cover of Pollstar as a Hotstar Top Artist.

He has hundreds of sold-out performances under his belt and a growing, dedicated fan-base whose passion for Corey’s music has led to some of the music industry’s leading professionals shaking their heads in astonishment at his rise as a touring sensation. Corey has the ability to relate to crowds like few other modern-day live acts - in one moment singing frankly of wild days spent partying, followed by showcasing his wisdom with songs that touch on much deeper issues of life.

In 2011 Corey released his album, 'The Broken Record' which features refreshing remakes of longtime fan favorites "Twenty-One," "Maybe Next Year," and "If I Could Do It Again" along with new tunes like "I Love Everyone," "Broken Record," and "Silly".

For more information, free music, and a full list of upcoming tour dates, please visit www.coreysmith.com.