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Best Archie Hamilton Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Archie Hamilton Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Archie Hamilton

1. Let The Light In (feat. HQA)

2. Compulsion - Dub Mix


3. Our Time feat Molly Green - Edit

Molly Green

4. Compulsion - Edit


5. Mind Blank - Original Mix

6. Kick It

7. Swerve - Original Mix

Benson Herbert

8. Underground - Archie Hamilton's Frequency Remix



9. The Universe

10. Telegram - Original Mix

Archie Hamilton Details

A tenacious, hard working and naturally gifted artist and tastemaker, Archie Hamilton is at the forefront of a new generation bringing fresh energy to the underground scene. Over the last few years he’s had a remarkable ascent up the ranks to become one of the most respected UK artists in his field. A music lover with eclectic tastes, Archie works across many of the facets that comprise house music. He is highly regarded as a dynamic selector, an accomplished producer and an influential label owner who has spent 10 years managing A&R for his two outlets: Moscow and Moss Co. His professional approach has led to appearances at many of the world’s key underground venues, including DC10, and his commitment to the studio has produced a back catalogue full of inventive dance floor cuts. Now primed to release his debut album, Archie is stepping it up and ascending into the next level…

A life in music was almost inevitable for Archie. The London-based artist has fond memories of listening to his grandfather, a concert pianist, play mesmerising recitals in the family home. On the flipside, his mother was a raver, once picking him up from school wearing a ‘Junglist’ T-shirt. Moving through band music, into The Prodigy and, eventually, drum’n’bass, the seed was planted early on. An extended stay in Australia took him to his first real house club, where the uninhibited, inclusive atmosphere changed the course of his life.

When he returned to the UK in 2006 he bought a pair of turntables, spending all summer practicing. At university he recorded mix CDs to give to local promoters in the hope of picking up gigs. Parallel to his DJ exploits, he began experimenting with an early version of Cubase and signed up to a music school after uni to delve further into the world of production. Three years later, in 2009, he launched Moscow Records with a friend and started releasing his own music.

He worked tirelessly in the following years, DJing, producing and continuing to immerse himself in the dance floor. Five years after the launch of Moscow Archie’s dedication to music brought him an invite to join the Fuse crew during their summer season in Ibiza. The White Isle helped to boost his credentials: Weekly sets, and extended after party appearances, put him in front of thousands of ravers from all over the world and the season ignited his career…

Archie’s penchant for rugged basslines and ethereal atmospherics form his signature sound. He’s a confident DJ and tastemaker who takes great pleasure in his craft, and whose rave heritage allows him to form a strong connection with the dance floor. These key attributes have led to a slew of bookings all over the world, from Amnesia in Ibiza to Sonus Festival in Croatia, Warehouse Project and his stunning debut at DC10 in Ibiza in 2018. Archie’s tour diary is packed full of gigs, and he delivers quality performances at every show.

In the studio Archie has been channeling over 10 years of production experience, and a lifetime committed to music, into his debut LP ‘Archive Fiction’ which was released in June.

The 10-track collection merges his musical upbringing with his current tastes, incorporating elements of trip hop and drum’n’bass alongside deep house, minimal styles and post-90s tech house. It’s an album that showcases Archie’s growth as an artist and demonstrates his ability to transcend the world of underground house, demonstrating the breadth of his palate. There are moments of contemplation, all out dance floor attacks and some very special collaborations, including ‘Twist & Turns’ with drum’n’bass royalty, Onallee. The ex-member of infamous DnB crew Reprazent came out of retirement to feature on the excellent cut, which invokes that familiar Bristol vibe perfectly. Also featured is the legend Mr V, who provides the vocals for ‘Make The Difference’ – a cut that brings that classic deep house feeling; sublime, groovy and utterly smooth.

Archie Hamilton’s progression has been steady and not without its challenges, but every step of the way he’s maintained a positive outlook and continued to work relentlessly. Now well equipped to deal with all the ups and downs that come with a career in music, he continues to refine his artistry, pushing himself in new directions and taking the dance floor faithful along for the ride.