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Best Rafa Barrios Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Rafa Barrios Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Rafa Barrios

Rafa Barrios has played in major festivals like

BPM Costa Rica

Without further ado, here are Rafa Barrios top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Tomaketa

2. Distraido - Original Mix

3. Palabras

4. Daledalehey

5. Now or Never

6. Skum

7. Baila Conmigo

8. Illusiones

9. Olvido

10. Flipflop - Dub

Rafa Barrios Details

Rafa Barrios is a young DJ and producer from Seville, Spain who enjoys spending his time producing music, working out, and working on his new label. Rafa Barios has released music on some of the most prestigious international techno labels around the world including Intec, Stereo Production, and Blackflag Records. Many consider Rafa Barrios to be one of Spain’s best talents who has continued to diversify himself and his musical skillset. Rafa began DJ’ing at just 14 years old and his ability to produce music at a young age allowed him to receive exposure from some of the biggest names within the dance music community. He has received praise and support from Carl Cox, Luciano, and Marco Carola, among others. Rafa’s continued success and support from other big-name artists have allowed him to perform his music in beautiful venues around the world.

Before the pandemic, Rafa was performing at Cielo and Pacha in New York City as well as Club Space in Miami and Riviera in Madrid. Rafa was able to perform at The Miami Music Week in Miami as well as the BPM Festival at Playa del Carmen in Mexico. In 2012, Rafa created his own house music label, Dood Records but has now transitioned to more deep and tech-house sounds. He has been mentored by one of the most iconic musical duos from Spain, Chus & Ceballos, who have helped nurture and propel Rafa Barios’s career throughout the duration of their mentorship. Rafa is currently working on a new album as well as his first release with Audiocode Recordings.