Best Modern Machines Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Modern Machines

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Photo Credit: Heather East Modern Machines is an electronic house duo based in NYC.

Modern Machines has performed in venues such as: Nebula, E11EVEN, The DL, Tao, Hakkasan, Somewhere Nowhere (Night), Summer Club, Lavo NY, Marquee NY, Liquid

Without further ado, here are Modern Machines top 10 tracks of all time:

1. MakeDamnSure

Adventure Club, Modern Machines, Saint Slumber

2. Issues (feat. Bianca Linta)

Kastra, Modern Machines, Bianca Linta

3. Do It

4. Never Enough

Adventure Club, Modern Machines

5. Ride or Die (feat. Foster the People) - Modern Machines Remix

The Knocks, Foster the People, Modern Machines

6. No More

Tom Nash, Modern Machines, M7STIC, BØGUTA Ø2

7. Somebody - Modern Machines Remix

Natalie La Rose, Jeremih, Modern Machines

8. MakeDamnSure (FLØRALS Remix)

Adventure Club, Modern Machines, FLØRALS

9. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) - Modern Machines Remix

David Guetta, Ben Woyak, Danny Kaye, Jon "Hands-On" Hanson, Modern Machines, Nato Coles

10. Breathe - Mooij Remix

Modern Machines, Mooij, 8 Graves

Modern Machines Details


Photo Credit: Heather East

Modern Machines is an electronic house duo based in NYC. DJ Dimitry Mak and Kapla are two seasoned Producer/DJs that have spent the last half decade cutting their teeth in the sounds of New York City's eclectic downtown nightlife scene.

In 2011, The two began producing tracks together which later led on to remixes for major label and independent artists such as The Knocks, Creep, Kaiser Chiefs, and The Mynabirds and received a vast amount of positive response to the release of their remixes on Beatport and iTunes.

With their sights set on worldwide dance floor domination , the two are currently writing and producing, with plans to release original singles in mid - late 2012 and an upcoming EP in 2013.

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