Best Gui Boratto Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Gui Boratto

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Guilherme Boratto (born 1974 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian electronic music producer.

Gui Boratto has performed in venues such as: Space, Coda, Fabric, Soho Garden, De Marktkantine, Academy, Club Vinyl, Good Room, Spybar

Without further ado, here are Gui Boratto top 10 tracks of all time:

1. The Prey - Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture Remix

Monolink, Gui Boratto, Vintage Culture

2. Mutante - Gui Boratto Rework

Rita Lee, Roberto De Carvalho, Gui Boratto

3. Scene 2

4. Paradise Circus

Massive Attack, Gui Boratto

5. That Was Your Mother - Gui Boratto Remix

Paul Simon, Gui Boratto

6. Beautiful Life feat. Luciana Villanova

Gui Boratto, Luciana Villanova

7. Azzurra

8. Paradise Circus - Gui Boratto Remix

Massive Attack, Gui Boratto

9. No Turning Back

10. Black Hole - Gui Boratto Rework

Ben Böhmer, Monolink, Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto Details


Guilherme Boratto (born 1974 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian electronic music producer. In the 1990s, he was a member of Sect.

His debut solo album Chromophobia was awarded the title of Mixmag Album of the Month. Regarding why he chose the name Chromophobia, Boratto said: "The same meaning as monochromatism in architecture, which means simplicity. That’s all. I don’t have a morbid fear of colors at all. But also, I was ironic. My music is really colorful."

He owns the record label D.O.C., distributed by Kompakt. The first artist he signed was the Brazilian electronic duo Elekfantz.

On stage, Boratto uses a laptop equipped with Ableton Live, a JazzMutant Lemur, a monome and an Akai APC40. He sometimes invites a guitar player to join him.

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