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Best G Jones Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best G Jones Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

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Best of G Jones

1. In Your Head - RL Grime Edit

2. Which Way

3. R.A.V.E.

4. Liminality

5. Everything All at Once

6. In Your Head

7. Shellshock - Edit


8. Get Hot - G Jones Remix


9. Say What


10. Daydreams

G Jones Details

In just the last year, 21-year-old Santa Cruz producer G Jones has captivated young audiences across North America with his playful and expansive take on broken beat dance music. His live show weaves an ever expanding catalog of heavy knocking hip hop beats, cross-genre experiments, and expansive melodic riffs in a way that illuminates and drives the dance floor.

With his irreverent attitude toward unimaginative EDM, this young producer pushes the envelope and blurs the lines between musical styles while maintaining a meticulous balance of minimal space and heavy bass. His latest release Eyes (available on Robox Neotech) is an audacious energy enhancer comprised of premium West Coast bass music, a swift collection of cross-genre experiments and dubbed-out sub bass monsters designed for the dance floor.

This playful EP illustrates the artist's signature reverb style with bulbous basslines, pulverized vocals and unexpected adulterations of spaced-out sounds. G Jones has recently garnered attention from several highly acclaimed producers, with his beats appearing in mixes by Pretty Lights, Zeds Dead and DJ Shadow on BBC's "Diplo and Friends" program. Touring heavily in Europe and hitting U.S. festivals from Coachella to Symbiosis Gathering this Summer, G Jones generates music dosed with an undeniable sense of freedom and fun.

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