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Tokyo Roppongi

1 OAK Tokyo VIP Bottle Service

1 OAK Bottle Service Reservations

You can reserve bottle service at 1 OAK here. You’ll be able to find event details, floor plans, bottle menus, and table minimums here or click on an event to the right to browse our webapp.

1 OAK Bottle Service Minimums

The cheapest table available for 1 OAK would be the Mezzanine Table (Small) which can seat 6 for a ¥226,000 minimum. The table would come with standard mixers, VIP expedited entry, and a host or hostess to make sure you’re taken care of. You can find pricing for other table options here.

1 OAK VIP Host / Promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for 1 OAK? We can help. Book your table here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

1 OAK Bottle Menu

1 OAK Table / Cabana Floor Plan

1 OAK Bottle Service Prices

Bottle service minimums at 1 OAK start at ¥226,000 for the Mezzanine Table (Small) and go up to ¥847,500 for the DJ Booth Table. Table pricing can fluctuate depending on the night, the talent, and whether it’s a holiday. Click on an event that you’re interested in to see pricing for that particular night. Keep in mind the minimum spend does not include tax and tip – you’ll want to add about 30% on top of your minimum to get accurate total.

1 OAK Bottles Per Person

On average, you’ll probably want to get 1 bottle for every 5-6 people, depending on how much you drink. Keep in mind – you’ll probably need more if you plan on inviting girls to your table!

1 OAK Bottle Service Per Person Cost

Depending on the size and price of your table, average minimums for 1 OAK table service per person range from ¥37,667-¥70,625. You can view pricing here – or contact us for pricing for large parties! Keep in mind the minimum spend does not include tax and tip – you’ll want to add about 30% on top of your minimum to get the final spend amount.

1 OAK Champagne Brands

For those of you looking to pop a little bubbly – don’t worry 1 OAK has an extensive champagne list available! You’ll find everything from Perrier-Jouet, Krug Grand, Veuve, and Moet, to Dom Perignon and Cristal Rosé.

1 OAK Bottle Service Alcohol Brands

1 OAK has many types of Alcohol Vodka (Grey Goose), Whiskey, (Jameson) Tequila (Patron), Gin, Rum, as well as various types of champagne. You can see bottle pricing here!

1 OAK Free Mixers

Bottle service at 1 OAK includes free standard mixers, including orange juice, cranberry juice, soda water, various sodas, as well as garnishes.

1 OAK Extra Mixers

Redbulls and other energy drinks / premium mixers can be purchased as well.

1 OAK Upcoming Events

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