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Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light

The Crocodile Seattle

Friday, June 15, 2018 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

21 and Over, Live

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Gabriel Wolfchild (1988) is a singer-songwriter based officially based in Seattle WA, but has grown used to calling many places home.
even at young age it was almost impossible for him to stay still.
he was Born in North Carolina, raised in Seattle, and eventually was transplanted to Maui Hawaii at the age of nine. Never feeling quite at home in the tropics, he jumped at the opportunity to attend Massachusetts college of the arts in Boston when he was eighteen. It was in art school he first discovered a vehicle for conveying life's spectrum of emotions. A year later he transferred to the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco to further his soul search. After feeling too constrained in more practical majors including illustration and industrial design he found himself in the academy's sculpture department.

In his sculptural work, he held the mission of encapsulating the expressive, and emotional dynamics of real people in the real world. Whether it was people from his personal relationships or people he witnessed in his daily bus commute. People and there infinite well of inspiration became his muse.
He eventually wound up finding success with his work in several juried art shows as well a gallery spaces took notice.
Aside from his visual endeavors Gabriel also became known for spending his studio breaks singing songs in stairwells, as well as busking on the streets. His musical gifts used mostly as a personal outlet for his creative spirit started to take shape, and he began to write songs.

One summer he headed north with the promises of art and music festivals in mind. During his travels he witnessed the powerful empathic connection a musician can have with an audience. When Gabriel crossed paths with the talented multi-instrumentalist Maesyn, he first experienced the magic of singing harmonies, beginning a fruitful collaboration leading to the new album, A Cry to the Moon.

Destiny in the form of a car wreck marooned Gabriel in Olympia long enough to fall in love with the Evergreen state college and the thriving Northwest music scene. He ended up in a poetry class, where he continued to develop his songwriting skills. Through performance he discovered the direct connective properties only music has, and its ability to touch and unify communities. Since Gabriel has diverted all of his energy into his musical career.

in 2015 Gabriel breakout into the mainstream on NBCs the Voice. after his time with NBC Gabriel took some time to collect himself and refine his sound. Now with new songs, a new band, and a new vision, Gabriel is on the cusp of releasing his brand new EP "Mornings Like These". The music has taken a strong new direction that now incorporates the large dynamic range and electricity of alternative rock, yet stays true to the raw, bare bone, storytelling qualities that makes his solo act so powerful.

"You cannot deny the incredible impact music can, and already has had human beings across time. unlike anything else It bypasses the mind, and speaks directly to the heart. I have no doubt that it is through this channel that the world and all of its differences can be brought together and seen for what it truly is:

one family"

-Gabriel Wolfchild

"When a show like, “The Voice” continues to churn out seasons after season of amazing talent and ratings, it’s important to find new and unique voices and sounds. Gabriel Wolfchild has that. He goes against the grain of what is trendy and I love that."
-Jennifer Weyant for

“Wolfchild’s engaging voice and authentic story-telling brings up memories of Dylan, James Taylor, Dave Mason, and Jackson Browne.”
- Blue Mountain

“Awesome passion and vibe,I love the concept and the spirit,Well crafted music!”
-Irena, singer from London UK
“Chills and tears, your music helps me face my fears, with every rhythmic harmony I get closer to finding me, there exists irony in finding relief in acknowledging and embracing the painful and uncomfortable, the sweet release of knowing over wondering. thanks for being a soul explorer and not some fame thirsty popubeast.”
-Ziz Seykota

The Crocodile

2200 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
United States
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