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Fri Feb 18 · 3 pm
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Sat Feb 19 · 3 pm
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ILLectric River is a music and art gathering that offers an unforgettable and enriching experience featuring some of EDM’s biggest names and the art industry’s most creative. The ILLectric River experience is meant to be an all encompassing and immersive art and music experience that provides guests with a chance to see a variety of art installations, live art painting and electronic music from not just the Texas community, but nationwide. Unlike other festivals, ILLectric River offers a true canvas for artists to unleash their talents, in a location that is small enough to provide a sense of family and belonging, but expansive enough to allow our guests/family to walk a few hundred feet and change their environment, giving visitors an avenue to explore their perceptions of the world around us via music and art.

7311 Decker Ln
Austin, TX 78724
United States
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