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Sat Aug 20 · 1 pm
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Revered producer, bass virtuoso, composer and sound artist, Squarepusher constantly strives to push the boundaries and limits of electronic music. He began his sonic experiments in 1994 releasing the debut album ‘Feed Me Weird Things’ on Rephlex before eventually signing to Warp in1995. In 2013 his influence within today’s global music electronic scene is as vital as ever.

Last year Squarepusher unleashed his latest musical venture ‘Ufabulum’, an album of music generated purely from digital programming, harking back to acid techno roots and pushing into uncharted territories.

Never one to slouch when it comes to live performances, the ‘Ufabulum’ project sees Squarepusher working simultaneously on the sonic and visual aspects resulting in the most spectacular audio – visual live show of his career. Not for the faint-hearted, it is a stunning assault on the senses that will challenge and inspire the audience in equal measure. This is surely one of the must-see shows in the electronic music calendar this year.

“A hurricane of fresh air from one of music’s most imaginative extremists” – Time Out

“It’s hard to dispute that Ufabulum finds him in the form of his life” – Uncut

“Visionary” – Dazed
“Elegant and Ominous at the same time” – Metro

“It’s hard to imagine how just LEDs can create such a spectacle, but when you’ve got thousands of them as a backdrop, lining the stage, on the front of your setup… The result (is) an engulfing visual journey into something not too dissimilar to the ‘Tron’ universe, soundtracked by Jenkinson’s suitably otherworldly, schizophrenic electronic brilliance… Another delightful victory for Tom Jenkinson, then, in a visual and audio feast that gave pretty much every other so-called AV show of recent times a thorough kicking” – Clash

“ he continues to mine the rich musical borderlands between conceptual art and confrontational theatre” - The Quietus

“one of the best visual shows that dance music has ever witnessed” - AAA Music

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