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Soft pop and indie singer ROLE MODEL exhibits his newfound confidence and peace of mind across his newest release “our little angel,” while simultaneously maintaining his melancholy emotional rawness and deft lyricism, tones characteristic of his past two EPs.

ROLE MODEL, the 23-year-old American singer born Tucker Pillsbury, is known for his slow-burn, emotionally riveting songs — such as previous tracks “minimal” and “Stolen Car.” These songs are emotional and melodic with occasional disruptions of spoken phrases rather than sung ones, and they have come to define his distinct style of music. The six-song EP presents a new dimension to ROLE MODEL’s lyricism and offers an optimistic change in tone.

The very first song on the EP, “alive,” sets the brightly colored, good-spirited tone of the EP flawlessly. “alive” celebrates a liberation from numbness and works as a launching point for the entire EP, as ROLE MODEL described in an interview with the music magazine Dork the day after “our little angel” was released.

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