Mike Gao


Mike Gao is a producer/technologist from California.

“Don’t fake the motherfuckin Data. Mike Gao is a producer and music technologist from Los Angeles. His style is futuristic and forward thinking, always attempting to push the conventions of Hip Hop, the beat scene and bass music to find the next aesthetic while ironically playing with existing idioms and conventions.  He is a bonafide audio scientist, creating his own game changing iOS apps and plugins, as well as doing research for Native Instruments.  On social media, Mike Gao has been called a genius by some of the top producers in the scene, from Ta-ku to Kaytranada and Mr. Carmack.”- Rekstizzy, Gumship

- Past releases on Alpha Pup, HW&W Huhwhatandwhere, Finest Ego, All City Records UK, Galapagos4

- 1st Project Blowed Beat Battle win, 10th Anniversary Mighty 4 beat battle win

- Low End Theory, Outlook Festival, Big Chill Festival, Satta Outside Festival, Reyjkavik Arts Festival, MacWorld, Lightning in a Bottle, Spam n Eggs, Team Supreme LA & SF, Soulection Shows

- MTV Iggy artist of the week, XLR8R Office Pick of the Month


- Music tech PhD. studying under Miller Puckettte, creator of Max MSP

- Music technology researcher for Native Instruments

- Technology work in WIRED, Creators Project
- Residency at STEIM, Amsterdam.

- Polyplayground is a profound application for the iPad, utilizing simple shapes and colors to better understand harmony

- Vocal Beater is an app for the iPhone which recognizes your beatbox and turns it into MIDI.

- Talks for Cal Arts, International Computer Music Conference, Dubspot Ableton Workshop Downtown Independent, Long Beach State University, Stanford, UCSD

- Epic Failure x Laptop Accelerometer fake Beer spill on Laptop trick

- Pitchbend Audio plug-in
- Time signature Polyrhythmic Swing Plug-in
- Allpass filter VST


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