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MC Det has been in the underground dance music scene spanning almost two decades, and has unrelenting showmanship and stage presence. His delivery and articulation are second to none, his lyrics fitting, stimulating and relevant.

Starting out in 1992 Det has been involved in the Jungle scene since way back in the rave days, when he used to MC on the legendary pirate Jungle/Drum n Bass radio station Kool FM. His first Jungle MC album was ‘Out of Det’ released on S.O.U.R. Records in 1995. The album was a success in the UK, across Europe, America and in Japan.

Det is still top of the game. An MC of the original school, MC Det has been there and done it and has been one of the scene’s most popular mic men since the early 90's. Whilst stage presence is not something he’s short of, he’s also blessed with one of the most instantly recognizable voices in the game.