Photo credits: TonjeThilesen & Aldo Paredes

The story of techno can't be told without Detroit, and the story of Detroit can't be told without K-HAND. Over two decades, A businesswoman, DJ, and Producer, K-HAND aka Kelli Hand is the First Lady of Detroit techno worldwide. While she is a contemporary of all the Motor City titans - Mills, May, and Robert Hood to name a few - Kelli forged her own path from early on in her career. She turned down the opportunity to release on legendary imprints Underground Resistance and Axis to plant the seeds of her own label, in full bloom, Acacia Records. K-HAND is one of Detroit's best kept secrets and has steadily been building a storm through her passion, talent, and hard work along with creating DJ workshops for Kids of the New Generation up & coming.

Her sensibilities are informed by her formative experiences partying in New York as a member at Paradise Garage, with sample-heavy tracks that are full of character, driving rhythms, raw percussion, and body-moving grooves. In both her releases and DJ sets, she effortlessly glides back and forth between house and techno, with a signature funk and movement common in her selections and productions. Her recent releases on Nina Kraviz's Trip, her classic Project 5, and latest Project 6 EP's plus tracks such as, 'Candle Lights', 'Starz', and 'Come On Now Baby' are some highlights of her massive catalogue, with over 200+ releases to date.
She has a myriad of accolades under her belt, but K-HAND's attitude has always been to let the music speak for itself first and foremost.


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