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Franky Wah was just about to begin the biggest tour of his DJing career when the coronavirus shut the world down. “I live for the touring, meeting new people, travelling round,” he said, but Wah also lives for structure and discipline: he's a former bodybuilder, moving into music production, and so regime has always been a vital part of his life. Perhaps, then, not travelling the world is the best thing for him: a chance to maintain the schedule that has kept him sane – and hench – since he left school. “People are always saying, 'How are you going to stay in shape on the road?' And... I will," he said. “Just because you're on the road touring doesn't mean you have to drop everything, as easy as it may be to do that. I think people are just looking for excuses there.”

Wah is isolating in the village where he grew up – Owston Ferry in South Yorkshire – which means the opportunity for long walks and a lot of space. But it's not without its challenges. “Just popping over to my mum and dad's – they live five minutes away – not being able to go round for a cuppa, it's insane that that's something we can't do,” he said. “I speak to my dad on the phone every day. But it's not the same as just seeing them.”

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