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Nathan Merrill is the L.A. based producer and DJ who has captivated the masses with his busting basslines and demonic dubstep. Although the Washington University alum is rather new to the full-time producing lifestyle, he is no stranger to the institution of making music. From an early age, Merrill took piano lessons and then took up the trumpet and drums in middle school. Moving his music to something a little more…electronic, Merrill began dabbling in piano melody demos in 2009.

The basics of production were learned, but his inspirations for these “shitty piano melodies” were quickly dwindling. Along came his introduction to dubstep and thus, Eliminate was born. 2014 was a milestone year for him and his music career. He released his first EP, Gravity, with Play Me Records he within a few weeks his dream quickly started to look more like a career. Gravity topped Beatport charts and gave him the confidence he needed to put his Communications degree in a drawer and peruse music with full force.

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