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Introduction: The perfect union of musical minds, one karmic meeting in a recording studio resulted in Cosmic Gate’s Big Bang moment. It set brothers-­‐in-­‐sound Nic Chagall and Bossi on a rapidly expanding path -­‐  one that’s seen them evolve into Germany’s most consistently  successful electronic music duo. It’s catapulted their Cosmological productions to the highest reaches of the official sales charts and seen them remix the compositions of revered Hollywood composers such as ‘Avatar’s James Horner. Through their atomic on-­‐stage synergy, Nic & Bossi have created countless unforgettable dance floor nights. They’ve sold out arenas & festival halls, conquered EDM capitals, hosted their own stages at major festivals and 10 years into their  career became the highest climbers on DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart. Driven by their hugely received albums, club-­‐busting singles (incl. ‘Not Enough Time’, ‘Body of Conflict’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’) and scene-­‐defining classics ‘Be Your Sound’, ‘Fire Wire’ and ‘Exploration of Space’, their place in EDM’s hall of fame has long since been secured.

As DJs, feeding off each other’s turntable creativity, Cosmic Gate continue to push floors to supernova around the globe. In North America they’ve smashed the Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo and Nocturnal festivals and road-­‐blocked clubs and events including Bal En Blanc & Guvernment (Canada), ASOT600 at Ultra, Pacha, NYC and their Marquee, Las Vegas residency. Throughout the 2012 season they’ve achieved yet broader span Isla Blanca appeal with forum-­‐ praised turns at Privilege’s ASOT nights. Floors have been similarly shaken in other hotspots worldwide (ASOT600, Holland, Tomorrowland, Belgium, Zouk, Singapore, Global Gathering, UK, and Future Music Festival, Australia among them). Most notably, perhaps, they sold out their 2000 capacity gig on Hawaii, as well as Cosmic Gate’s legendary “Wake Your Mind In Concert” solo events at the LA’s venerable Palladium and Melbourne’s Festival Hall venues, each hosting close to 4000 fans.

C.G. Productions: In their homeland, Cosmic Gate has retained a consistent level of chart success. There they have charted no fewer than 7 top 40 singles and further afield scored a UK top 10 smash with ‘Fire Wire’. Following the early long-­‐players ‘Rythm & Drums’ and ‘No More Sleep’, 2006 saw the release of ‘Earth Mover’. This brought a perceptible shift towards edgier, more open span electronic music. The club hits ‘Analog Feel', ‘Should Have Known’ and ‘I Feel Wonderful’ followed, as did a Best Album IDMA nomination. Three years later they released ‘Sign of the Times’, which rafted 11 new tracks including the vocal anthems ‘Body of Conflict’ and ‘Not Enough Time’. The pair received a Best Selling Trance Act nomination at the 2010 Beatport Awards, an IDMA nom for ‘Not Enough Time’ and (a then near unprecedented) 43-­‐ place jump up DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart.

Wake Your Mind: In 2011 the duo released ‘Wake Your Mind’ – their fifth artist album. It produced ‘Be Your Sound’ – a release which UK EDM bible MIXMAG said: “finally unseats ‘Fire Wire’ as Cosmic Gate’s best-­‐known-­‐for track”. The track scored an IDMA nomination in 2012, with the JES-­‐sung ‘Flying Blind’ following suit at the awards a year later. Such was the response to the album and its singles that in February of 2013 a multimedia Deluxe Edition was compiled. This brought together for the first time all of the ‘Wake Your Mind’ tracks, a 360° remix compendium and the album’s celebrated singles videos.

Through ‘Wake Your Mind’s title, Nic & Bossi had communicated a belief in border-­‐free electronic music to fans. Its message was embraced by untold thousands of clubbers and music lovers around the world, subsequently turning into a groundswell movement. The #WYM tag was widely adopted as the abbreviation-­‐of-­‐choice for those wishing to display a more flexible, less tribal outlook to electronic music.

In the second half of 2013 Cosmic Gate added other significant dimensions to Wake Your Mind, further galvanizing the #WYM effect. Following rave receptions to a string of sold out Wake Your Mind In Concert gigs they launched Wake Your Mind Records. Attached to the Armada Label group, it brought yet greater scope to its core ethos. Designed as a home for stylistically freethinking music, this was immediately underlined this by its first release. Winning widespread praise from the press, ‘So Get Up’ was seen by both fans and the media alike as an aptly bold ‘new-­‐avenues’ musical exploration by Cosmic Gate.

‘Back 2 The Future’: At the start of 2011, with the release of ‘Back 2 The Future’, the Cosmics blurred the line between the compilation and artist album. Collaborating with some of their own favourite producers, they remix-­‐revisited still-­‐much-­‐in-­‐demand tracks from their first two  albums. With producers like Markus Schulz, Arty, Robbie Rivera, Wippenberg, Jochen Miller, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Rank 1 remixing tracks including ‘The Drums’, ‘Fire Wire’, ‘Exploration of Space’ and ‘Back 2 Earth’, which produced a single release run that saw Cosmic Gate take up residence on Beatport’s top 10 chart for an unbroken, unprecedented 3 months.

Back2Back, Cosmic Gate’s on-­‐going compilation series was devised as an at-­‐home audio-­‐expo of the pair’s club-­‐wowing sound. 2010 saw the release of the 4th volume (through Holland’s highly-­‐ respected Black Hole Recordings label), which brought Nic & Bossi’s tight, tense, future-­‐proofed trance/prog/electro hybrid back to the forefront.

Remixes: Over their production lifetime, Cosmic Gate’s remixes have become almost as illustrious as their productions. In essence a blow-­‐by-­‐blow of trance music’s A-­‐list, Nic & Bossi have lent their studio know-­‐how to productions by Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond’s OceanLab project, Markus Schulz, Deadmau5, Ferry Corsten, Robbie Rivera, and Rank 1. They rewired John O’Callaghan’s mega-­‐seller ‘Find Yourself’ to breathtaking effect and produced remixes of veteran trance producer Vincent De Moor’s 'Fly Away’ and ‘Carte Blanche’ (Veracocha). In early 2010 Atlantic Records US approached them to remix James Horner’s ‘I See You’ – the main theme from the film Avatar. This run culminated in Nic & Bossi being nominated for Best Remixer at the 2010 IDMAs. Most recently they put remix hands on Armin van Buuren’s ‘Pulsar’ release and Kaskade’s Late Night Alumni side project, reworking ‘Sapphire’ for Ultra Records USA.

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