Best Ohm Hourani Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Ohm Hourani

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OHM HOURANI moved to Montreal in 2009 to pursue a career inside electronic music.

Ohm Hourani has performed in venues such as: TBA Brooklyn, StereoBar

Without further ado, here are Ohm Hourani top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Nova In The Sun

Mike Shannon, Ohm Hourani

2. Boa - Ohm Hourani Remix Version 2

LUM, Ohm Hourani

3. Hightower PSA

Mike Shannon, Ohm Hourani

4. Nova In The Sun - Akufen's Aldo Nova In The Sun mix

Mike Shannon, Ohm Hourani, Akufen

5. Tits & Pieces - Nathan Burns & Elio Krass Mix

Ohm Hourani, Nathan Burns, Elio Krass

6. Loving Cyrell - Ohm Hourani Remix

Tom Pooks, Ohm Hourani

7. Haha Gene - Mobile Soul System Remix

Mobile Soul System, Ohm Hourani

8. Insane - Tiger Stripes Remix

Ohm Hourani, Tiger Stripes

9. Con Fusion - Yuri Alexeev Remix

Ohm Hourani, Yuri Alexeev

10. Haha Gene - Original Mix

Ohm Hourani Details


OHM HOURANI moved to Montreal in 2009 to pursue a career inside electronic music. His studies at Musitechnic Institute have been essential in drawing parallels between technological advancement in sound engineering, and the production of electronic music in studio.

Hourani embraces the relationship between technology and electronic music, and his ANOMA label is dedicated to the identification and distribution of distinctive, minimalistic and organic sounds that are kissed with a jazzy flair. Each Anoma Records production is released solely on vinyl.

Ohm is on a lifelong mission to further develop his musical ear. It's a journey that has followed him around the world, and continually tests his understanding of sound. This curiosity manifests itself in innovative live sets that have piqued the curiosity of progressive-minded music enthusiasts and critics alike. His oft-stated goal is to infuse traditional sounds with groundbreaking sound engineering.

It's an insightful and curious approach to creating sound. You might even call it anomalistic

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