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Mike Shannon


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Any historian who takes it upon themselves to pen the taleof Canadian electronic in the years to come will most certainly find the nameMike Shannon figures early and often in it’s telling. From his humble beginnings in the sleepysuburban town of Kitchener Ontario, the last 15 years have seen him become aninternationally lauded producer with albums on 3 of the industry’s mostrespected labels (Plus 8, Force Inc, ~Scape), as well as a steady stream ofconsistently charted singles and remixes.

A true “DJ’s DJ”, he has won legions of fans and the respect of hispeers alike for his deep crates and lightning fast mixing skills. And whilesome may suggest he has gravitated towards smoother, deeper selections as theyears go by, those in the know will tell you he has few equals when it comes towhipping dance floors into a relentless techno frenzy should you catch him on anight with that mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Those fortunate enough to catch one of Mike’s rare live performances areencouraged to do so with an open mind, as it is in this context that thebreadth of his creativity truly shines. From the shuffling house and techno ofhis solo performances to the narcotic jazz of his new Blue Fields projectalongside singer Fadila and guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, his is a musicalvision which easily wriggles free of the usual genre signifiers and pays granddividends to those with the good sense to get nice and close to the speakers;the devil is most certainly in the details as the old saying goes.

Yet beyond all of this, perhaps his greatest achievement has been his unfailingsupport of the music and people he loves. As head A&R and damn neareverything else of Cynosure and formerly Revolver Canada Recordings (alongsideJeff Milligan) for over 10 years, Mike has shown an uncanny ability to selectand release tracks which have become go-to fixtures in the sets of theindustry’s best DJs, as well as introducing the world to the work of some ofhis nearest and dearest before anyone knew their names (Akufen, Deadbeat,Ernesto Ferrerya). Far from pursuing the next one hit wonder or sound of theseason, his steadfast curatorial vision and passion for the music have earnedhim the trust of discerning music connoisseurs the world over.

Mike Shannon lives and works in Berlin.