Best Nerd Rage Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Nerd Rage

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NERD RAGE's music, hand-in-hand with his stage presence, is loud, aggressive, and right in your face.

Without further ado, here are Nerd Rage top 10 tracks of all time:

1. WOMBATS! - Original Mix

Bro Safari, Nerd Rage

2. Think Big

Terravita, Nerd Rage

3. Crippled Camel - Sluggo and Nerd Rage Remix

Downlink, Sluggo, Nerd Rage

4. The Warrior - Original Mix

Sluggo, Nerd Rage, Itchy Robot

5. Fatality - NERD RAGE Remix

OCTiV, Nerd Rage

6. Epic Win - Original Mix

Sluggo, Nerd Rage

7. Anime Fight - Nerd Rage Remix

Tim Ismag, Nerd Rage

8. Truffle Shuffle - Original Mix

Sluggo, Nerd Rage, Point Blank

9. I Am Captain - Original Mix

Sluggo, Nerd Rage, Terrabad

10. Lets RAGE

Nerd Rage Details


NERD RAGE's music, hand-in-hand with his stage presence, is loud, aggressive, and right in your face. His sets include a blend of Electro, Dubstep, Moombahton and Drum n' Bass.

Taking the bass scene by storm, NERD RAGE's production offers a unique array of music. Part label owner of El Cuco Recordings with Sluggo and Frank Mendez Nerd Rage has quickly become recognized not only for his Dubstep & Drumstep, but also Moombahton.

First starting his production in late 2010, NERD RAGE has already built up an arsenal of Original's and Remix's backed by some of the biggest names today. First making his name known to the public with his debut remix of SKisM's 'Rise Of The Idiots'.

Currently his first single release, REAL LIFE, has been featured as #1 on beatport’s top 10 must hear Dubstep tracks and is steadily climbing the top 20 on the charts.

NERD RAGE's forthcoming releases feature collaborations with bass pioneers Sluggo, Bro Safari, J.Rabbit, FIGURE, and HULK...
His tracks are frequently showcased by top industry leaders, including SKisM, Evol Intent, Pendulum, HULK, Reid Speed, FLINCH, Excision, J.Rabbit, Sluggo, Dieselboy, Numbernin6, BARE, FIGURE, Computer Club, Obsidian, Terravita, Shortee, Faust, and many more.

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