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Best Mochakk Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Mochakk Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Mochakk

1. Jealous

2. Da Fonk (feat. Joni)


3. Express Yourself - Mochakk Remix

Nicky Da B

4. Rizzla - Mochakk Remix

5. False Need

6. Diu Diu Lai

Victor Lou,

7. Respirando - VIP Mix / Radio Edit

8. NO8DO - Plaza Edit

Fernanda Ouro

9. Follow Me (feat. Beta Max) - Radio Mix


10. Seschi & The Clown

Mochakk Details

Born Pedro Maia, Mochakk is a 22-year-old sensation whose thrilling persona behind the decks matches his prolific production.

Growing up in the midst of skating and hip-hop culture, he found his musical start as a beatmaker before eventually pivoting to electronic music. After discovering house music in particular, he became a dedicated student of the genre and used that to his advantage as he progressively made waves in his home country of Brazil, both as a meticulous producer and mesmerizing performer. In recent months, his presence has gone global as he’s embarked upon an expansive North American tour with multiple sold out dates in tow, dominated a laundry list of festivals internationally, done B2B sets with the likes of Vintage Culture, and is now headed toward a slot at the church, Circoloco this summer. With standout releases like “False Need” via Black Book alongside an exponentially growing fanbase with over 1 million followers, not to mention a smash forthcoming remix for The Martinez Brothers.