Best Louie Devito Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Louie Devito

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Louie DeVito is an Italian American dance DJ and producer based in New York City.

Louie Devito has performed in venues such as: HQ2 Nightclub

Without further ado, here are Louie Devito top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Derb

2. Dance Mix USA Vol. 2 (Mixed by Louie Devito) [Continuous DJ Mix]

3. Let's Go! (Dub Mix)

4. Chant (The Cowbell Track)

5. Let's Trip It

Louie Devito, Richard Fraioli

6. Chug It

Louie Devito, Richard Fraioli

7. The Dark - The Italian Job Remix Louie Devito & Richard Fraioli

Romine, Tuccillo, Louie Devito, Richard Fraioli

8. Lose Control - The Italian Job Louie Devito & Richard Fraioli Remix

Nacho Marco, Sharon Romine, Louie Devito, Richard Fraioli

9. Chug It - Kenneth Thomas Remix

Louie Devito, Richard Fraioli, Kenneth Thomas

10. Acid Drip

Richard Fraioli, Louie Devito

Louie Devito Details


Louie DeVito is an Italian American dance DJ and producer based in New York City. He is best known for his mix series, NYC Underground Party (Volumes 1-8). According to his website, he is "America's #1 Top Selling Dance DJ." DeVito can be heard "In the Mix" on his Dance Factory mix show on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 36, "The Beat", every Saturday at 12 AM EST.

DeVito first gained popularity DJing in New York City, Long Island and Jersey Shore area clubs, where he is a favorite of many young Italian-Americans. DeVito is known for bringing commercial house and dance hits to the masses, including those who do not generally follow this type of music, with his compilations. For instance, his "Deeper & Harder, Vol. 3" includes the hits "World, Hold On" by Bob Sinclair, "Jazz in Your Face" by Erick Morillo, and "Most Precious Love" by Blaze. Because of this commercialism, some listeners have criticized his mixes as unoriginal, while others have praised him for his song selection and mixing abilities.

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