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Best Larry June Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Larry June Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Larry June

1. I Suppose

2. Corte Madera, CA

3. Smoothies In 1991

4. Watering My Plants

5. The Good Kind


6. Palisades, CA

7. Fashion Week


Money Man,

8. 89 Earthquake

9. 100% Establecido


10. Keep Calling

Larry June Details

Larry June is “Back Rappin” and we couldn’t be happier here at Elevator. However, Larry is focused on spreading more than lyrics; his health-centric lifestyle has become an integral part of his persona both on stage and off. While many of his peers choose to glorify prescription drugs, Larry has managed to incorporate his past trap experiences with his current healthy living lifestyle.

This is epitomized in his live performances where Larry can often be seen donning some Whole Foods gear while lofting fresh oranges into the crowd.

After a brief musical hiatus, Larry is back and healthier than ever. When I caught up with June following his captivating set at the Rolling Loud Festival he casually mentioned that he has six EP’s in the works. While initially skeptical, sure enough, only days later he would go on to announce the first project’s title, You’re Doing Good, which is one of Larry’s many catchphrases that you’ll no doubt become familiar with by the end of this piece. Larry’s infectious charisma is unmatched and his emphasis on healthy living has given rap a sorely needed check-up. And for that, he’s earned a GOOD JOB LARRY!