Best Fight Clvb Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Fight Clvb

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FIGHT CLVB is a project birthed by SAV, MYSTERO, CARLY M BURNS.

Fight Clvb has performed in venues such as: Avalon, Webster Hall, The Ave Live, Believe Music Hall, Discopussy, Elsewhere, Globe Theatre, Oasis Wynwood, EDC Mexico

Fight Clvb has played in major festivals like EDC Mexico

Without further ado, here are Fight Clvb top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Pongo (feat. Adje, Chiki El De La Vaina & Andre Da Tippa)

Puri, Fight Clvb, Adje, Chiki El De La Vaina, Andre Da Tippa

2. Boom Pa Ra

Victor Cardenas, Meluchis, Fight Clvb

3. I See You - FIGHT CLVB & Ravek Remix

Illenium, Said the Sky, Fight Clvb, Ravek

4. Move It Down

Duckworthsound, Fight Clvb

5. Mariachi - Fight Clvb Remix

LNY TNZ, Mariana BO, Fight Clvb

6. BMB

Good Times Ahead, Fight Clvb

7. Pop That

ETC!ETC!, Fight Clvb

8. Presos

Henry Fong, Fight Clvb

9. Porn

Fight Clvb, WhySoSerious

10. Ape Drumz - Happy Colors & Ash Remix

Fight Clvb, Stush, Happy Colors, Ash

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FIGHT CLVB is a project birthed by SAV, MYSTERO, CARLY M BURNS

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