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Best Delain Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Delain Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Delain

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Without further ado, here are Delain top 10 tracks of all time:

1. We Are The Others

2. Moth to a Flame

3. The Gathering

4. April Rain

5. Queen of Shadow (feat. Paolo Ribaldini)

Paolo Ribaldini

6. Beneath (feat. Paolo Ribaldini)

Paolo Ribaldini

7. Burning Bridges

8. Stardust

9. We Are the Others - New Ballad Version

10. One Second

Delain Details

Delain is a Dutch symphonic metal band formed in 2002 by former Within Temptation keyboardist Martijn Westerholt, intending for the band to be solely a project. Singer Charlotte Wessels was invited to join in 2005. The name of the band comes from the Kingdom of Delain in Stephen King's novel, The Eyes of the Dragon. In February 2021, the members decided to part ways. In June 2021, Westerholt announced that there will be a new lineup involving former and new members.