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Best Deathpact Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Deathpact Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best of Deathpact

1. Chemical Bond


3. 0506+056

4. Life & Death


6. Mitosis

7. Danger


9. Kiss Of Death

10. FALLING (Montell2099 Remix)


Deathpact Details

The mysterious identity behind the production project Deathpact has been ongoing for roughly 5 months. The Deathpact project began last July with the release of Danger. Later the monster collaboration Life & Death with Rezz was released in early August on A Certain Kind of Magic.

Rezz represents life while Deathpact is Death. In five months Deathpact has released 2 five-track EPs and one remix for Odesza. On October 26, Deathpact released a second EP, CIPHER TWO.

Explore Deathpact’s music for yourself. It has some roots in house music and some people have compared them to Malaa, but this is different.

After exploring songs like Formality and Interference Two the quality of the production is some of the best we have ever heard. Rumors have started to spread that the person behind the mask is an already established person in the electronic music community experimenting with a new sound.

For a brief period of time many people believed Madeon was the face of Deathpact, but he personally shot that rumor down.