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Monsta X: The Rescheduled World Tour Dates 2022 Dates, Calendar, Events & Parties

Monsta X: The Rescheduled World Tour Dates 2022 Dates, Calendar, Events & Parties

Tour Details

Monsta X has announced its US/Canada World Tour will take place in 2022, following its postponement earlier this year from a planned resumption in 2021. The K-Pop outfit will play 13 dates spread throughout January and February, as currently scheduled.

Initially scheduled for June and July of 2020, the Monsta X tour was delayed by COVID-19 to April of this year before being pushed off indefinitely as case numbers made it clear that touring wouldn’t be possible that early. Now, the six-peice boy band will kick off their North American dates on January 29 in New York.

“In March, we postponed “2021 Monsta X World Tour in US/Canada” scheduled for April-May 2021 to protect the health and safety of artists, fans, and staffs as the COVID-19 situation worsened,” a statement posted to social media by the band’s management reads. “For fans who are waiting for the new tour schedule, we have been keeping an eye on the COVID-19 situation and are pleased to inform you of the newly coordinated “2022 Monsta X World Tour in US/Canada” tour schedule. All existing tickets will be honored for new dates. Thank you again for your patience, and we will make every effort to give the fans the best performance possible.”

The band will follow it’s New York start with its lone date in Canada, on February 1. Dates run through a February 27 performance in Los Angeles.

Venues Where Monsta X Will Be Performing

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There are currently no venues with upcoming events announced yet.