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During the 1800s Gold Rush, a large stretch of San Francisco was known as the Barbary Coast – and even better known for the “professional” ladies who worked its streets. Dark and decadent, Harlot is a SoMa club designed to celebrate the most famous of these women, the dolled-up gals who were as sophisticated as they were sexy, and who were followed by lines of pining men. The lines still exist today, but the men now stand between velvet ropes as they watch the pretty ladies saunter by. Inside, the small venue’s sensual décor features tables and walls covered with evocative paintings of half-nude women, as well as globe lamps and porcelain deer antlers hanging from the ceiling. The music doesn’t start until 9pm, so early evenings see trendy professionals starting the weekend at the bar or relaxing on the cowhide couches with a few discount drink specials. Just a couple hours later, however, the intimate dance floor gets packed with everyone who passed the bouncer’s notoriously choosy muster, while scantily clad go-go girls dance on window ledges and VIPs escape upstairs to a private bar, where groups with money to burn relax on stark white chairs and couches or peek down from the balcony at the revelry below. Ultimately, Harlot is a dark little club that blends a rather macabre design with gleeful, pretty patrons to create a scene that’s as unique as the women it’s named for.

46 Minna St
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
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9 PM - 2 AM Thurs - Sat
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