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How Bottle Service and Table Service Work at Kabana Rooftop (Night) Richmond [2020 GUIDE]

Inside look of Kabana Rooftop (Night) with bottle service
Kabana Rooftop (Night) is located at 700 E Main St.

For most events, Kabana Rooftop (Night) in Richmond offer bottle service, also known as table service or VIP table, in order to get into the venue and have a reserved section inside the venue. Here's what you need to know about booking bottle service for Kabana Rooftop (Night):

General Guidelines

Here are the most important things to know about reserving bottle service for Kabana Rooftop (Night):

  • Booking bottle service at Kabana Rooftop (Night) is the best way to get the full VIP experience
  • Kabana Rooftop (Night) tables should be booked in advance to get the best available location
  • Kabana Rooftop (Night)'s typical business hours are 3pm-1:30am
  • Bottle service is guaranteed entry - unlike guest list or general admission
  • If you need to prepay for your table reservation, we recommend that you use a credit card or payment method that matches your full name. This will avoid any possible problems at Kabana Rooftop (Night) when they verify your table reservation.
Pro Tip! Always try to book bottle service as early as possible - table prices are known to go up when the event date is near.
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FAQ about Bottle Service and Table Service at Kabana Rooftop (Night)

View of the interior of Kabana Rooftop (Night)
Table service is the best way to fully experience Kabana Rooftop (Night) Richmond

Still looking for more information about booking bottle service and table service for Kabana Rooftop (Night)? No problem, we compiled the most frequently asked questions about it right here:

What is bottle service exactly?

Bottle Service, also known as Table Service, can be confusing and tricky to new customers who have never done it before. Don't fret – we have you covered.

Bottle service experience at a nightclub
Bottle service is the ultimate experience at Kabana Rooftop (Night)

Bottle service (synonymous with "getting a table") is essentially a way for you to get your own private section at a nightclub, so you have a place to sit, drink, and have a great time with your friends and others. In order to secure bottle service, you do have to pay significantly more money than you would for just general admission (you are usually shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars).

It's not for everyone, but we highly recommend doing it at Kabana Rooftop (Night) at least once in your life.

Where and how do I book bottle service for Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

Using Discotech, you can easily find the event you're looking for and reserve bottle service.

  1. Head over to the Kabana Rooftop (Night) events section and choose the proper date and event you want to reserve a table.
  2. Look for the Bottle Service section:
    • If you see a list of available tables, click on the table price that interests you
    • If you don't see any available tables, click on the "Submit Request" button
  3. Fill up the required information and our bottle service specialists will take care of the rest!
Let's talk! If you rather talk to someone about your bottle service options, reach out to our bottle service specialists: 415-735-6716

How many bottles should we get?

On average, you'll probably want to get 1 bottle for every 5-6 people, depending on how much you drink. Keep in mind – you'll probably need more if you plan on inviting anyone to your table!

What is the average table price at Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

The table prices at Kabana Rooftop (Night) range between $400 to $800.

The average table at Kabana Rooftop (Night) will cost around $400. On most events, with a budget of $400, you will be able to reserve the table Rooftop Table (Small) for up to 8 guests.

How much should we expect to pay per person?

On average, you should expect to spend around $50 per person if you are a group of 8 guests. Keep in mind that this number does not include taxes, fees or tips.

What is the cheapest or most affordable table at Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

The cheapest table option at Kabana Rooftop (Night) is the $400 Rooftop Table (Small) for up to 8 guests.

What is the best or most expensive table at Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

The best table option at Kabana Rooftop (Night) is the $800 Rooftop Table (Large) for up to 16 guests.

What is "minimum spend" when it comes to bottle service?

For bottle service reservations, a minimum spend is the amount of money you need to spend on alcohol and/or food in order to reserve your table for free. For example, if it says $1k min spend, you will need to spend $1000 on alcohol (usually 2-3 bottles) in order to get your table for free.

The table is NOT a separate purchase. Your final spend will be determined by the amount of tax/tip/venue fees added on to your minimum spend (anywhere from 20-38% depending on the venue).

Can I order individual drinks instead of bottles to hit my minimum spend?

Unfortunately, most nightclubs require that you order at least one bottle in order to reserve the table, and only then can you order a la carte cocktails / shots / beers after that bottle.

Does Kabana Rooftop (Night) have a bottle menu available?

Yes, these are the latest bottle menus from Kabana Rooftop (Night):

Keep in mind that bottle menus at Kabana Rooftop (Night) are subject to change. Special events and holidays may also have different menus available.

Does Kabana Rooftop (Night) have a floor plan? Can I see the table locations?

Yes, these are the latest floor plans from Kabana Rooftop (Night):

In order to get the best available table locations, please reserve your table at Kabana Rooftop (Night) as soon as possible.

What alcohol brands are available for bottle service at Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

Kabana Rooftop (Night) has many types of alcohol bottles available: Vodka (Grey Goose), Whiskey (Jameson), Tequila (Patron), Gin, Rum, as well as various types of champagne.

What champagne brands are available for bottle service at Kabana Rooftop (Night)?

Popular champagne brands
Save Water, Drink Champagne

For those of you looking to pop a little bubbly – don't worry... Kabana Rooftop (Night) has an extensive champagne list available! You'll find everything from Perrier-Jouet, Krug Grand, Veuve, and Moet, to Dom Perignon and Cristal Rosé.

What are free mixers? What are the mixers available?

Bottle service at Kabana Rooftop (Night) includes free standard mixers, including orange juice, cranberry juice, soda water, various sodas, as well as garnishes. Water bottles are available but must be purchased.

Extra mixers such as Red Bulls and other energy drinks or premium mixers can be purchased as well.

Do I still need to go to the bar to order?

Absolutely not! Don't worry - you don't need to wait in line to order a drink.

One of the biggest benefits of booking bottle service is avoiding the bar altogether. You can order drinks directly from your table with the help of your waitress.

Kabana Rooftop (Night)
Kabana Rooftop (Night) offers bottle service on certain nights

Is there a separate line for bottle service? Where do I go when I arrive?

There is a separate and faster line for bottle service groups to get into Kabana Rooftop (Night). Once you show up with your group, proceed to the proper line, and drop your name to a staff member. Be sure to tell them that you have a table. They will take care of you and you will get your expedited entry.

Can I choose a specific table number or location?

Kabana Rooftop (Night) does NOT allow reserving for the exact table number from their floor plans / table maps to be selected and secured prior to your party's arrival.

Your assigned table will be the best available table within the tier or section you reserved at the time when you arrive. If you want better placement, you can either:

  • Show up early (e.g. within 30 minutes of the opening time) when there will be more open table inventory in your tier
  • Raise your minimum spend in order to get a specific or preferred table assignment

Should I use a promoter to book bottle service for me?

We highly recommend that you use Discotech to book a table reservation at Kabana Rooftop (Night). This way, you'll always get the best price, comprehensive information, and reliable service.

By going through us, your reservation is highly prioritized and gets sent to the top decision maker at each venue, whom we have a longstanding partnership with already. You also have clear check-in instructions on what to do when you arrive.

When you book through us, you also get nearly 24/7 access to our help line to answer all your questions and to check the status of your reservation.

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Bottle service information on this page is strictly used for informational purposes only. Appropriate attire is required for admission. The venue reserves the right to deny admission.

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