New Year's Eve 2021 Playa Del Carmen

Abolengo Fridays
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Reservations: +52 998 848 8380 The ‘Drink Society’ is back in Playa del Carmen! Come and enjoy the unique nights created by Abolengo, nights full of exquisite cocktails that make the nights in Playa del Carmen warm ... And come ready to delight your palate with the dishes preferred by Mexicans such as barbecue tacos or cochinita tacos and international snacks like pitas, sushi and hamburgers. Dinner, flirty drinks and an incredible atmosphere are the basics of Abolengo Playa del Carmen. If you want to be part of the ‘Drink Society’, you just have to show off your visit to the Mexican Caribbean on your instagram with a jar of Abolengo Playa in your hand. You will love being a member of our select society! And of course, the opening of Abolengo complies with all the health and hygiene measures indicated by the WHO, necessary to guarantee the safety of clients and staff.
La Vaquita Fridays
Doors open at 10:00 PM
Reservations: +52 998 883 3333 La Vaquita in Playa del Carmen has reopened its doors after the quarantine and this time it has returned full of flavor, hip hop, reggaeton and Latin rhythms. The club that, in addition to having a casual and irreverent style, stands out because it specializes in offering hilarious and noisy nights where hip hop and R&B lovers indulge their passions. But for greater enjoyment, this time La Vaquita has incorporated delicious snacks to its menu that you are going to love. Plus these delicious dishes, La Vaquita has adapted to provide maximum safety and hygiene to all, it has implemented the safety, health and hygiene measures recommended by the WHO. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy one of the best nightclubs in Playa del Carmen: La Vaquita!
Mandala Fridays
Doors open at 10:00 PM
Reservations: +52 998 883 3333 The Mandala Lovers don’t have to wait any longer as Mandala in Playa del Carmen has returned to provide fabulous and fun nights to which we are accustomed. Obviously Mandala cares about partyholics and that is why it has implemented all the standards and hygiene and safety measures recommended by the WHO, in this way it not only offers a fun but also safe experience. And well, in addition to fun and safety, the nights in Playa del Carmen are going to be exquisite because now Mandala also includes some sushi rolls on its menu. You must try them! Book today what will be your best night in Playa del Carmen.