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Up & Down is a new entry into the Butter Group empire and it’s only a few blocks from 1OAK, the highly successful club owned by Butter Group. Being that the two clubs are so close in distance, management has programmed Up & Down as a different type of environment so that the group doesn’t have to compete with itself. Up & Down boasts completely different feel than not only 1OAK but the entirety of competing nightclubs in the Meatpacking District. Every floor of Up & Down is an adventure, night by night and room by room. The upstairs maintains a high energy club atmosphere, while the downstairs takes on the role of a ultra-cool lounge that has the ability to go from chill to wild in 0-60, creating a back alley club feel.

Balance is key when programming the club so that both floors are both vibrant. Frost says the idea behind creating the best of both worlds is just that – two completely different experiences wrapped up in one.

The rooms are programmed as polar opposites. “The music upstairs provides the atmosphere of a modern day nightclub, a mixed format of current hits and surprise performances while the downstairs is more of a musical scavenger hunt, covering all spectrums, from classics’ to music that is just a bit ahead of the curve,” says Frost. “It’s like a theme park adventure – from a Jay-Z track surrounded by the chaos, bottles and sparklers, to the subterranean basement with low ceilings and people making their own personal dance space listening to “Boy with a Thorn in His Side” by The Smiths, giving you the feeling that you just wandered into somebody’s house party.”

Up & Down has a great many celebrities roll through its properties, but unlike many places, they keep it on the down low. Frost explains his refreshing philosophy on handling his famous guests, “Celebrities are people, like you or me. Their space is their space and it’s important that they have the opportunity to enjoy themselves without the fear that their actions will be held against them. It is truly a great feeling for us to see them letting loose and enjoying themselves. There have been many times people don’t even know who they are around, as they blend right in.”

244 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011
United States
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Strict. No athletic gear / shoes or work boots.

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