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After passing through a coat-check anteroom where lines of cursive are engraved in the wall, patrons find themselves in an expansive room with a ceiling of raw oak slats and a zigzagging black-and-white floor that sets an El Morocco tone. The room is divided by a central black lacquered bar doling out $20 mixed drinks, and, in one corner, a VIP-type area with a roaring fireplace and giant artwork by Roy Nachum (designer of Southern Hospitality and Saucy) of a sexy nude flanked by buffalo. Beyond that area is a cruise-y outdoor smoking lounge partially enclosed by mirrored walls. Ostrich-leather banquettes line underlit brick walls covered by metallic gold curtains, offsetting a bizarre centerpiece—another large artwork of a young blindfolded boy with two horses. In the front of the room there’s a D.J. podium outfitted with what looks and sounds like a very pricey sound system and in the back, risers for those happy to sit without silver Dom Pérignon buckets in front of them.

Crowd Type: Upscale, Movie Stars, Moguls

Busy Nights: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Good for: Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, Late Night, Girls Night Out

453 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011
United States
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Typical Hours
11 PM – 4 AM, Tuesday - Sunday
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