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If you’ve been to Club Space anytime in the last few months, you might have noticed the first floor has been unusually quiet. Other than the odd spilled drink or occasional couple making out on a chair, the room has been devoid of the lights and music that have propelled Space to the forefront of the Miami scene.

That’s set to change this Thursday, when electronic body music figureheads Front 242 take the stage in the venue now-christened the Ground. According to Space co-owner and III Points co-founder David Sinopoli, converting the club’s first floor into a full-fledged venue has been a top priority since purchasing the mega-club.

“We gutted it, and then we kept it empty,” Sinopoli shares, explaining the room’s marked lack of activity. “It's a serious situation where you've got to make sure that the sound is right, the structure is right, and that we're walking into something that people will be comfortable playing.”

Referring to the renovation as “a functional redesign,” Sinopoli says that although the Ground won’t be unrecognizable, it will maximize its potential as a space for live shows rather than just DJ sets.

“Just incredible acoustics, lots of sound deadening, lots of sound installation, lots of wood, a good PA,” Sinopoli says, recounting the work the Ground has undergone in the past few months. “It's not like you're going to walk in there and see the Forge or the fucking Fontainebleau... It's going to just be a quality place to go see a show.”

34 NE 11th Street
Miami, FL 33132
United States
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