Super Bowl Weekend 2020

The National Football League wraps up its season with its championship game, Super Bowl 54 (or LIV, when in Rome), which this year will return to one of America's preeminent winter warm-weather locations: Miami, Florida.  This year’s contest pits the favorite San Francisco 49ers – seeking their sixth title in franchise history – against the slight underdog Kansas City Chiefs, who are in the hunt for their franchise’s second title.  The high-flying Chiefs - the AFC's #2 seed and owners of the NFL's #1 offense - earned their spot in big dance by beating the tough-as-nails Tenneesse Titans, whereas the upstart Niners - the NFC's #1 seed and owners of the NFL's #1 defense - coolly dispatched the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers to advance to the championship.  LIke SF and KC, Discotech has found its way to the Super Bowl Weekend festivities in the Magic City, to the benefit of all you sports nuts and party animals.  We've partnered with every major venue in South Florida to get general and VIP access to the best pregame/game watch/post-game Super Bowl parties and events around town – sure to be star-studded and celebrity-filled – for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.