Miami Music Week 2019

The annual Miami Music Week extravaganza is the world's most prominent gathering for the boldest and brightest names in the electronic music industry.    Decades before the Coachella Music Festival became the most coveted destination for every smartphone-toting, selfie-taking, head-nodding twentysomething dreamer on the planet, the Winter Music Conference was THE place to be.  Launched in Miami, Florida in 1985, the WMC was the first global gathering of electronic dance music (EDM) industry insiders: executives, label managers, headlining artists, up-and-coming talent, back-room producers, PR representatives, press, and partying fans.  For many, the conference was initially treated as a business trip rather social atmosphere, with educational seminars, panels, workshops, DJ showcases, and other training events.

Then, in 1999, along came the Ultra Music Festival.  A one-day event for its first eight years, the UMF or “Ultra” is Miami’s outdoor electronic dance music (EDM) festival that takes place every March.  As EDM has surged in popularity worldwide over the past decade, this festival has grown from a two-day to now a three-day morning-to-midnight event, and the 2019 version of UMF is now one of the premier party destinations for Spring Break college kids and wealthy foreign travelers alike, with attendance expected to hit 175,000-200,000 revelers.

So then, what is today's “Miami Music Week” all about?  Technically, it’s the combination of both the Winter Music Conference “business/technical side” of EDM and the Ultra Music Festival “concert/performance side” of EDM into one week-long mega-event for the city of Miami.   Notably, this year's UMF - scheduled for 29-31 March - has moved location from Bayfront Park adjacent to downtown Miami, where it was held since 2012, across the Biscayne Bay to Virginia Key (cue Brickell's local residents nodding and clapping furiously).  Above and beyond the handful of official events organized by the UMF planners and the WMC planners, the rest of the city’s local hotspots and businesses join in on the party, with performances by over 1,000 artists in over 200 events held in various venues from nightclubs to bars to restaurants to hotel pools to public areas such as Lincoln Road and the Miami beaches.

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