Blue Marlin Ibiza

Los Cabos Cabo San Lucas

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Sun Feb 28 · 11 am
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Mon Mar 1 · 11 am
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Tue Mar 2 · 11 am
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Thu Mar 4 · 7 pm
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Fri Mar 5 · 11 am
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Sat Mar 6 · 11 am
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Located in a stunning oceanfront pool oasis smack in front of the Pacific Ocean, Blue Marlin Ibiza operates one of its most successful franchises with weekly theme events like a Sunday Pool Party and occasional fashion-theme extravaganza.The club is an international sensation that takes the conventional beach club and creates an all-day lounge party complete with catchy electronic CD and sculpted-tan staff. The look of Blue Marlin Ibiza is duplicated throughout the world, a signature all-white theme of daybeds and loungers arranged amongst crafty tables and platforms where people get up and dance away the afternoon in boozy bliss.

Playa El Medano SN
Los Cabos, B.C.S. 23410
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Typical Hours
11am-7pm, Can vary depending on event
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