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In mid 2012, actor-turned-nightlife-impresario David Arquette took over Trousdale Lounge – a luxurious celebrity hotspot with the paparazzi perpetually planted out front – and turned it into Bootsy Bellows, a swanky vintage-style club with sexy burlesque dancers, erotic puppetry acts…and the paparazzi perpetually planted out front.

The venue is named for the stage persona of Arquette’s mother – a tassel-shaking queen herself back in the day – and much of the interior is awash in ol’ Bootsy gracing the blown-up covers of retro mags, bondage galleries, and other assorted photos that would make the average son cringe through his toes.

A-listers, reality TV stars, and industry insiders are in large supply, ordering multiple rounds of sparkler-adorned bottles as gorgeous girls dance atop the tables.

For those lucky enough to find entry into the main room too easy, there’s a VIP room in back that promises even more exclusivity, as well as a swanky vibe provided by pink couches, diamond-shaped mirrors, and a grand piano that’s like a symbolic cherry atop an old-school Vegas sundae.

A fantastical realm where the ageless vices of old attract an equally ageless crowd, Bootsy Bellows is where Hollywood’s modern-day Rat Pack goes to get naughty.

On the back end, there’s also been an overhaul to the club's infamous party aspect. The backroom at Bootsy Bellows has long been legendary as a place for in-the-know partiers to experience a wider, more esoteric evening experience, complete with lots of live performances. The h.wood team is adding ongoing burlesque to the mix inside their new space, with even more crowd-wowing options to come.

9229 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States
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10 PM – 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays
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