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Tue Dec 6 · 7 pm
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Wed Dec 7 · 7 pm
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Thu Dec 8 · 7 pm
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Sun Dec 11 · 7 pm
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Mon Dec 12 · 7 pm
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Tue Dec 13 · 7 pm
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Adults Only is an upscale dive bar tucked away in the apropos corner pocket of a Hollywood strip mall. As the neighboring businesses’ lights dim down, a pink neon sign illuminates, and new life begins to brew in the quiet plaza. Guests enter through a corridor adorned with an eclectic curation of VHS tapes, choice movie posters, and small televisions exhibiting a variety of cult classics. Reupholstered church pews and handcrafted furniture provide an ample lounge area. The common thread that weaves throughout the venue is an admiration of the entertainment industry. One can travel through the video store lifestyle of the 90’s to arrive in the golden era of film, appreciating the impact of entertainment on culture and society. One can and create their own experience in an elegant, yet unpretentious environment.

7065 1/2 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
United States
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7 pm - 2 am Daily
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