Las Vegas
Labor Day Weekend 2019

Labor Day Weekend: where some Americans celebrate the few days away from the mental and physical grind of their jobs, bosses, and weekday commutes by relaxing in their backyards.... and most Americans celebrate by playing even harder than they work.  LDW also signifies that the autumn winds are fast approaching, and so you've got one more summer holiday weekend to enjoy being outdoors with the sun on your face.  So then, why not hop in your car (looking at you, California) or aboard a plane (looking at you, East Coast) and get yourself and your crew one more heavy summer (over)dose of the lights of Sin City, its second-to-none day-drinking scene, and a bevy of your fave A-list music artists performing up and down the Strip?   After all, you've been laboring mighty hard in 2019 (we think), and you certainly deserve it (we know).