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Fifty-five floors above the street is an amazing lounge with an awesome view of the Las Vegas Strip called Ghostbar. Ghostbar plays two roles as both Dayclub and Nightclub and gives its guests an amazing experience at both.

The elevator doors open and to the right you are welcomed into a uniquely designed lounge with shades of black, purple, gray, and white. The lounge has a plethora of small chandeliers hanging throughout the room in various clusters. There are several grouping of chairs both classic and modern styled throughout the room where you and your crew can get bottle service. Underneath the VIP areas is purple and black carpeting with various patterns. The right side of the lounge has a great bar with modern framed art; the left side also has framed art over a classic fireplace with candelabras.

After enjoying your time in the main lounge take a step outside through the doors to the patio which gives you a great view of the Strip! One unique fact about the patio floor is the glass section which allows you to look down and see the 55 floors worth of air beneath you. You get an amazing sensation of floating, but then you can take a few steps back and feel the normal patio floor under your feet.

Ghostbar is a great place to take some friends relax and have a great strip lounge experience without the major crowds of the Strip.

55th floor Ivory Tower, 4321 W Flamingo Rd
San Diego, CA 89103
United States
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10 PM - 4 AM daily
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