- General -

The dress code at most Vegas clubs is fashionably casual. No shorts, no tank tops, no flip flops, no overly baggy t-shirts, no hats, no basketball or workout sneakers, and no athletic gear (jerseys, sweats, etc.). Everything else is pretty much OK. Guys can wear rubber-soled casual shoes - Vans, Skechers, etc. - as long as they are NOT workout shoes. Collared shirts and button-downs are encouraged but NOT required - a form-fitting stylish T-shirt will work just fine, and even better if you throw a blazer or sport coat on top if it.

That being said, most people do dress up to the nines in Vegas, especially for the hotter high-end nightclubs with elevated price points (Omnia, XS, Hakkasan, Marquee). You will NOT feel out of place if you decide to don slacks, a blazer, and dress shoes, or even a well-tailored expensive suit. Ladies often wear revealing dresses with high heels and even cocktail dresses and evening gowns - you can never be too dressed up in Sin City. And, every so often you'll see a wedding party out and about- with guys wearing tuxedos and girls wearing bridesmaids dresses - and even these groups don't look out of place.

When partying late into the night in Vegas, you should always err on the side of caution - it's better to be dressed up than dressed down for your chances of getting in with no hassle.
General guidelines for arrival times:

- All bottle service customers should arrive at the dayclub by 12:30pm in order to ensure you get your table.
- All guestlist customers should arrive at the dayclub between 11-11:30am in order to take advantage of the free or discounted entry.
- Dayclubs / pool parties normally last until 6-7pm.

- All bottle service customers should arrive at the nightclub by 11pm in order to ensure you get your table.
- All guestlist customers should arrive at the nightclub between 10-10:30pm in order to take advantage of the free or discounted entry.
- A few cities allow you to arrive later since the venues close later (Miami, NYC - be there by 12am)
- Nightclubs normally last until 2am. Cities like Miami and NYC often last until 4-5am.
PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. A current, valid photo ID is required of every patron visiting our Nightclub and all guests must be 21+ strict. The following forms of ID are acceptable:

ACCEPTED (As long as it is not expired)
- United States, Canada, England, Ireland, European Issued Drivers Licenses or DMV Identification Cards (If they are not stamped "not to verify ID")
- Passports (as long as there are no missing pages, not laminated or handwritten and not expired)
- Military ID Cards
- Mexico Voter ID Cards

- Mexico Matricula Consular ID (current)
- Mexico Matricula Consular ID (old)
- United States Issued ID stamped "Not For Identification"
- International Student ID Cards (any type)
- International Drivers Documents (License)
- Handwritten Passport
- Passport issued when you were a child or teen (cannot verify photo of the person presenting the Passport)
Dress code is beach-themed attire. Wear what you would wear to jump into a pool or ocean.

- Board shorts or swim trunks are preferred for males
- Cargo shorts, linen shorts, denim shorts, or other shorts with pockets and belt loops OK
- Bikinis, one-pieces, and all forms of fashionable swimwear are preferred for females
- Flip flops, sandals, and other open-toed beach footwear
- Heels, wedges, platforms, and other fashionable footwear are encouraged for females
- All guests MUST bring a shirt, wrap, or other cover-up clothing if they plan to walk through the casino properties
- Sunglasses
- Hats (baseball hats, visors, straw hats all allowed)

- Basketball or workout shorts
- Other athletic wear such as basketball / workout sneakers, jerseys, headbands or wristbands
- Ribbed tank tops or anything that comes in a 3 pack (Hanes-style white T shirts)
- Jeans or khakis
- Sweatpants or warmups
- Costumes
- Socks and sliders
- Backpacks (unless you have a cabana or rent a locker to store your backpack all afternoon)

- Bottle Service -

When you place a booking request via our Discotech mobile app or website, we receive the request into our system instantaneously and begin processing it immediately. We forward the request to the VIP director(s) at our venue partners for review / approval. They will approve it and let us know if any deposit is required to hold the table; if it is, we send you a secure weblink to a form to fill out for a credit card authorization to hold your spot. Once you complete that form, we submit the info to the club and finalize your reservation via a confirmation sent to the email address in your app settings. If for some reason the venue does NOT approve your reservation request - e.g. tables are sold out or prices have been revised - then we will notify you via e-mail and/or text message so that you can explore other options to change/cancel your booking request.
The term "minimum spend" is used universally at clubs across the country. It is the amount of money you need to spend on alcohol and/or food in order to reserve your table. For example, if it says $1k min spend, you will need to spend $1k on alcohol (usually 2 bottles) in order to lock in your table. The table is NOT a separate purchase. Your final spend will be determined by the amount of tax/tip/venue fees added on to your minimum spend (anywhere from 20-38% depending on the venue).
You can view a club's floor plan and bottle menu by logging into the app, clicking the club and date you want, and clicking bottle service.
When Discotech receives your reservation request via the mobile app / webapp, it submits the request to its venue management contact as soon as possible - usually within minutes, but definitely no later than several hours after you've placed it. After that, your wait time for a response is in the hands of venue management - and of course, some venues are busier and/or less efficient than others and thus respond slowly. Here are the typical customer wait times for a VIP table request:

- If request is for a same-day or next-day event: club usually responds within 30 minutes to 2 hours
- If request is for an event within coming week but more than 48 hours out: club usually responds within 24 hours
- If request is for an event within 1-4 weeks out: club usually responds with 24-96 hours
- If request is for an event more than 4 weeks out: club in some cases may take 5 days or longer to respond, as pricing may not yet be set in stone

It's important to note that each of our venue management partners take certain days off as their "work weekend" days, where they won't be in the office to review or process reservation requests. (The most popular days off are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays for clubs that don't have events on those days.) If your request waiting period includes one or more of these "work weekend" days off, you can expect additional delays in receiving an answer.

The best strategy to getting a request answered in a timely fashion is to book as early in advance as possible. However, we understand that many of you like to make/change party plans on the fly and live life by the seat of your pants.... and no worries, we're still here for you whenever you want to do so. Discotech utilizes the latest communications technology to follow up with our venue partners on your inquiry daily until you receive the answers you need regarding your reservation, and we'll contact you via text or e-mail as soon as we receive those answers. And of course, if you ever want immediate real-time status on your reservation, feel free to just ping us via e-mail or text message to our help line! :)
We receive pricing from clubs weekly, sometimes daily, from the top marketing directors at each of our partner venues, so it is at accurate as you can get. That being said, no pricing is EVER guaranteed, and any host who offers you a guarantee on any pricing is not being truthful. All clubs reserve the right to change the table prices for any option on the fly and at their whim whenever demand suits them. In some cases - rare but it does happen - they will even change the prices on you after they have already come to a verbal agreement with you and even taken your deposit, or else bump you down to a lower tier for your price if they have other customers walking up outbidding you for your tier.
A table reservation includes the following:
- VIP entry (no cover, no wait, expedited hosted walk-in) for up to the number of guests stated in your selected option. So, no cover charge is required in addition to the amount paid for a table.
- A VIP table, couches, and private space for your party's use all day (or night) in the selected tier
- Assigned security staff to monitor your section all day (or night), controlling crowd flow when you are present and watching over your space and belongings while you are away from the table
- A food and beverage credit to order from the club's menu in the amount of the minimum spend. In other words, you need to order the stated minimum in food/alcohol from the club's menu; if you don't hit the minimum, they will charge you for that amount (plus tax/gratuity/venue fees) anyway.
- Unlimited basic mixers (juices, sodas) of your choice for the alcohol ordered. (Note: energy drinks, premium juices, and bottled waters cost extra; ordering these items would be applied to your minimum spend.)
- Private service staff all day (or night) to pour your drinks, keep your section clean / organized, and answer any general questions
The table options in the app show the maximum number of VIP entries that come with the specific table option. Table prices are set based primarily on location of club relative to the DJ stage / dance floor, not based on the number of guests in your party. So for a table option with 12 VIP entries, the minimum spend price is the same whether you have 1 guest, 8 guests, or 12 guests.

You can also opt for booking tables with less VIP entries than the total in your party, and then have the remainder sign up for the guest list or purchase presale tickets using the app, and then join you at the table once through their separate line and inside. This is a smart money-saving tactic, but be advised your above-limit guests cannot get in through the VIP entry line with you, must wait in their longer separate line for presale tickets/guest list, and can hang out at your table section all night but likely won't have a place to sit due to table size constraints for that lower-tier option.
Dayclubs and nightclubs are managed by completely different entities than the hotel/casino resort properties on which they reside. As such, dayclubs and nightclubs DO NOT give discounts to standard hotel guests for booking table service. As a courtesy, dayclubs and nightclubs usually will allow 1-2 extra guests above the standard guest limit for each table reservation option if one or more in the party is a hotel guest and shows proof; they will also allow free general admission into the club with a hotel room key if you arrive early enough and they are not slammed. However, they do not offer discounted or comped table service for hotel guests, unless you are a casino whale gambling six figures at their establishment every visit.
Often you will see a bottle service special that lists a minimum spend as well as bottles underneath (eg. Special #1 - $400 min - 1 Belvedere + 1 Champagne). This means you need to spend $400 to get the Belvedere + Champagne + the table. This does NOT mean you need to buy the two bottles in addition to spending the minimum.
Unfortunately most Vegas nightclubs require that you order at least one bottle in order to reserve the table, and only then you can order a la carte cocktails / shots / beers after that bottle. The reason is because ordering a la carte drinks places undue pressure on your table server and the bar staff during the prime hours when the club is slammed. That being said, some Vegas dayclubs do allow a la carte ordering to hit your minimum spend (dayclubs have more extensive food menus and more bartending staff on duty so they are better equipped to take individual drink orders from table parties).
For nearly all venues on our app, you do NOT have to purchase general admission tickets or pay cover if you are booking a table. Each table includes a specific number of VIP comps or free entries where the club waives the cover charge and you do not have to wait in the regular guestlist line (which is always very long). You go through the VIP line, the VIP host will check you in, wristband your VIP group, and seat you at your table in the assigned section.

In the rare exceptions where a venue requires tickets to be purchased along with the table reservation - usually because outside promotions groups have rented out the venue to throw an event and thus ALL guests must buy tickets from the promoting group to enter - we will clearly note that in the table option for that event.
Most clubs do NOT allow any exact table number from their floor plans / table maps to be selected and secured prior to your party’s arrival. Your assigned table will be the best available table within the tier you reserved at the time when you arrive; if you want better placement, either you have to A) show up early (i.e. within 30 minutes after the club opens) when there will be more open table inventory in your tier, or B) upon your arrival offer the VIP podium host a handshake or minor raise to your minimum spend in order to get a specific or preferred table assignment. A fair handshake is 10% of your table minimum spend or $20 for every guy in your group, whichever of these amounts is greater.
If you need to cancel your reservation, you can always do so by reaching out to us on our help line phone number. However, the easiest way to do so is as follows:

In Mobile App: Go to Bookings button at bottom menu, then Tables tab, then click on your reservation and scroll down to "Cancel" button at bottom of screen. We'll handle the rest!

In Web App: Navigate to top right corner and click on your name, then My Bookings button in pulldown menu. You'll then see the reservation in your Upcoming tab. Click on your reservation and scroll down to "Cancel Reservation" button at bottom right of screen. We'll handle the rest!

- Tickets -

Sorry, tickets are non-refundable once you've purchased them - it is clearly stated in the fine print of the purchasing pages and the ticket receipt you receive via email.

In the future, if you can't make a Vegas show for whatever reason - e.g. your flight gets cancelled, you drank too much the day/night before, your dog ate your ticket - you will find that you can sell your ticket pretty easily to walkup customers who are waiting in line to purchase tickets at the door. Otherwise, unfortunately there's nothing else you can do to get a refund, and you will have to eat the cost of the ticket.

- Guest List -

The tradeoff between presale tickets and guest lists is that signing up for the Guest List may be cheaper than buying presale tickets. That being said, there's NO GUARANTEE you will get in through any guest list. Venue management can decide to close the guest list at their discretion and without warning at any time, once their capacity is reached. Also, the line for guest list is usually much longer and moves much slower than the line for presale tickets. With a presale ticket, you are guaranteed to get in, and you advance to the front via a shorter and faster line. You may have paid more than someone who got in on guest list, but you are assured of entry in a timely fashion.

Some clubs offer girls guest list only and some do not even offer a guest list on days of high demand. In those situations a presale ticket must be bought, or else a table reservation made, to gain entry.

You can usually sign up to +5 additional guests (excluding yourself) for the guestlist on any given night; just go to your event page and add the numbers to your name during the standard sign-up process.  The limit of +Ns you see in the app for an event is set by the club, and Discotech cannot alter that.   If you have more people in your party than the number of +Ns listed in the app, then you will need to ask your friends to download the Discotech app or come here to our website and sign themselves up too!