Jackie Cohen with Shaun Fleming (of Diane Coffee) & Jonathan Rado (DJ)

Gold Diggers Los Angeles

Thursday, September 22, 2022 7:00 PM


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One evening in early summer 2020, Jackie Cohen found herself sitting alone at the side of a pool at a stranger’s home in a small town on the East Coast, an oil lamp flickering at her side. Befitting the shimmering water at her feet, Cohen found herself reflecting. “I was in the middle of this horrible personal crisis, and for the first time in my life I just asked the universe for a sign, some signal that everything was going to be okay,” Cohen says. At that very moment, a large white moth bolted across her eye-line and directly into the open flame of the oil lamp. “He just dive-bombed, self-immolated,” Cohen says, still in chuckling disbelief years later. “That was my message.” From that point forward, Cohen decided the only way forward was to succumb to the crisis, to relax into it instead of fighting, to find beauty even in the flame—an approach that fuels her sublime new album, Pratfall, due September 22nd via Earth Libraries.

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This is a 21+ event

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