Merde! presents Eartheater, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Umfang, Lydo, J Arthur

99 Scott New York

Thursday, May 26, 2022 10:00 PM

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Alyssa Davis Gallery Gala

Venue: 99 Scott

Time: 10pm-4am

In the wake of the demise of NYC’s most wanted criminal art dealer, we bring you Merde!

On May 26th, Alyssa Davis Gallery will host a gala like no other.

We have outfitted the sprawling 13,000 sq ft venue—99 Scott—to accommodate every pace of party.

The guests will be welcomed with a full red carpet experience staffed with a professional photographer.

The indoor stage features a premium sound system and lighting to host a genius lineup of music that will keep the dance floor going all night.

Beyond the dance floor guests will find multiple bars, spaces to lounge, a live sculpture auction, a video art program, and of course–an ice sculpture.

Outside in a stunning courtyard there will be space to roam, relax, smoke, enjoy food and drinks and get up close and personal with a series of 20+ live performances.

Additionally, we are offering VIP packages including access to a VIP suite with a private bar and courtyard and an exhibition curated by Ludovica Capobianco.

Merde! is organized by Alyssa Davis, Genevieve Goffman, and Rachel Rosheger.


Adorn yourself in your most glamorous look, as a dress code will be strictly enforced! Formal attire, black tie, film noir, old hollywood are all acceptable. Door discretion.


There will be a live silent auction with sculptures by 64 artists on display. Models courtesy of No Agency will be taking bids for the final hours of the auction. Bidding will begin virtually May 1st and end at midnight during the event.

DJ Program


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal



J Arthur

DETAILS: Partners and Participating Artists


Anonymous, ASHES/ASHES, carriage trade, Catbox Contemporary, Duplex, Entrance, eyes never sleep, False Flag, Fragment, Gallery AT, Gern en Regalia, Helena Anrather, Hyacinth, Kings Leap, La Kaje, Lomex, Lubov, M 2 3, Marvin Gardens, Mery Gates, Mrs., no moon, Octagon, Petra Bibeau, Sinkhole Projects


99 Scott, Alexander Perrelli Photography, Anna Frost, Ashley Systems, Bela Borsodi, Big Window, Crucible New York, Ending Soon, Enlightenment Wines, The Fernweh NYC, gumgum studio, Honey's, Lifethyme, Lionel Champlin Guest House, MeanRed Productions, Montez Press, No Agency New York, Rash, Software Studios, Urbit, Vaquera, Wretched Flowers


Coco Campbell

Reilly Davidson & Jess Reytblat

DeSe Escobar

Joey Frank

Alejandro Lafontant

Yeha Leung

Ruby McCollister

Angel Money Mafia


Jamie Sterns


Ludovica Capobianco


E. Adamo, Matias Anon, Thomas Barger, Tyler Berrier, Jessica Butler, Cooper Campbell, Dan Catucci, Gabriel Cohen curated by Alex Berns, Martina Cox, Joel Dean, Ala Dehghan, Matthew Tully Dugan, Travis Fairclough, Ficus Interfaith, Joey Frank, Sophie Friedman-Pappas curated by Octagon, Genevieve Goffman, Alice Gong Xiaowen, Shana Hoehn curated by Petra Bibeau, Paris Hynes, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Yasmin Kaytmaz, Bradford Kessler curated by Anna Frost, Radimir Koch, Clare Koury, Claire Lachow curated by Hyacinth, Stefany Lazar curated by Hyacinth, Abby Lloyd, Chris Lloyd, Nandi Loaf curated by Kings Leap, Jazmín López, Diana Sofia Lozano, Raphael Lyon, André Magaña, Dan Mandelbaum curated by Mery Gates, Lina McGinn, Georgia McGovern, Kian McKeown curated by Fragment Gallery, Dean Millien, Erin Mommsen, Brigid Moore, Justin Ortiz, Louis Osmosis, Gosia Pawlowska, Anna Pederson, Alexander Perrelli, Rachel Rosheger, Cecilia Salama, Patrick Sarmiento, sgp, Jo Shane, Howard Spann, Samson Stilwell, Justin Suazo, Nick Sullivan, Ian Swanson curated by ASHES/ASHES, Tenet, Urbit Star, John Verdil curated by Tom Koehler, Yi Xin Tong, Sara Yukiko Mon, Robert Zehnder, Diego Benavente Zuniga

PERFORMERS – Organized by Joe Speier, MCs: Carson Foley and Chris Lloyd

7imoncello, ACCDNTL DRED (Mario Miron), Zoe Argires, Zoe Brezsny, Micaela Carolan, Victoria Campbell, Dance Lawyer, Dianna Lucia Dragonetti, Drumloop, DeSe Escobar, Joey Frank, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Michelle Uckotter, Ziggy Gnardust, Isabel Eatherly Legate, Life Is Not About Stability, Abby Lloyd, Kevin Mulvey, Peyton Peyton, salem riin, Esther Sibiude, Andrea Sisson, Samson Stilwell, Lauren Tosswill, Paige Walton, Susannah Yugler, Monsieur Zohore


Bradley Eros, Isaiah Davis, Gregory Kalliche, Nick Lane, Collin Leitch, Alison Nguyen, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Ida Pruitt, Rachel Rossin, Rebecca Shapass, Karinne Smith


Carson Foley


Genevieve Goffman


Faina Brodsky (evening program poster)

Dean Cercone (bumper sticker)

Nik Kosmas (underwear)

Gitte Maria Moller (shot glass)

Emma Pryde (pocket watch)

Lisa Signorini (scarf)

John Yuyi (stickers and keychain)


Dan Bunn

Kate Donovan

Junyi Li


Written, Directed & Edited by Leah Hennessey

Cinematography – Max Lakner

Sound Recording – Anthony Sabino

Score and Sound Design – Noah Chevan

Styling – Ending Soon

Makeup – Coco Campbell

Art – Goodbye Dolly by Abby Lloyd


Ruby McCollister as Alyssa Davis

Matthew James McAuley as the Private Investigator


Laura Quan, Justin Warsh, James Fisher Smith, Rafael Amadeo Foster, Rachel Rosheger, Genevieve Goffman, Marie Lopez, Almog Cohen-Kashi, Kevin Cudahy, Yulu Serao, Forrest D'Olympia, Omkar Lewis, Paris Leach, Iz Nettere

& Emily Allan as The West Village Girl


Katey Acquaro, Nastassia Carrasco, Almog Cohen-Kashi, Chris Comfort, Hannah Deits, Tony Gedrich, Lucy Hunter, Jess Kuronen, Tyler Paige, Arthur Sillers, Joey Sullivan, Alex Tsebelis, Ketter Weissman


In May of 2021 a private investigator visited Alyssa Davis Gallery with an agenda – to gather enough evidence against Alyssa Davis to prevent the young dealer from showing artwork in her 11th story apartment. Just over a year later, the gallery shuttered its doors on April 3rd, 2022. The final exhibition was Abby Lloyd’s Goodbye Dolly, which was featured in the New York Times, Brooklyn Rail and OFluxo.


A reenactment film of that fateful day in May will feature Ruby McCollister and Matt Mcauley at the scene of the encounter with Abby’s oversized doll as the object of the private investigator’s interest – memorializing the iconic downtown space that has served our community since 2016.


Alyssa Davis

(401) 263-4093


SILVER VIP Ticket: $250

Access to fully furnished VIP lounge with

Access to VIP private courtyard

Private restrooms, and private bar.

Access to VIP screening room with exclusive video work

Complimentary champagne toast with Alyssa Davis and friends

Special commemorative VIP pin

No line at the door

GOLD VIP Ticket: $500

Everything above PLUS:

Open bar access for the entire night

Custom gift bag with special commemorative gifts in collaboration with Software Studios, and exclusive items by artists including Emma Pryde, Nik Kosmas, Gitte Maria Möller and Faina Brodsky.


Everything above PLUS:

Exclusive roped off VIP luxury booth accommodating 6 people with premium views of the party

Includes 1 Platinum VIP Ticket and an additional 5 Silver VIP Tickets

Bottle service for entire table (Choose two: Tito’s Vodka, Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Smith & Cross Rum, Fords Gin, Johnny Walker Black)

VIP service upon arrival

Tickets for Merde! are non-refundable.

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99 Scott

99 Scott Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
United States (Directions)