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Spiritual Mental Physical: 4AM NYC + Toribio + Christian Tokyo

Public Records New York

Thursday, June 30, 2022 9:00 PM


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SPIRITUAL MENTAL PHYSICAL returns after a moment of zen as the world descended into what can only be described as capitalist chaos 3.0. Life post-pandemic -let alone Nightlife- was & is a beast of a very different kind, but despite it all we threw a bunch of wonderful parties between June & December 2021 and had a ball. After that downhill rush we decided we'd rather assess play from the bench for a few rounds, rather than lose sight of our main aims with this thing- potentially compromising ourselves and the function into irrelevance.
Enter Public Records:
PUBLIC RECORDS was created with express intention. Nothing in their space- The Sound Room, The Restaurant- was made without thoughtful consideration and the utmost of care. The technical specifications of the booth, the lighting, the soundsystem, the interior design of the room itself; all was done with great purpose and with the beloved guest and their experience in mind. It brushes as close to perfection as possible, we feel.
And so what better place to host our first SMP of 2022?
And what better trio to command this room for a night than this:
An authoritative, passionate and bullshit-free triple threat to move you to your core. To alleviate your troubled mind. To breathe life into your faded soul.
To restart SMP with intention.
Join us for this momentous revival on June 30th - a night of joy, passion and fun, served to you with fervent abandon.

Limited tickets will be sold at the door.

Safe Space Policy:

Public Records aims to provide a safer space for all.
We reject all forms of aggressive behavior including, Racism, Misogyny, Transphobia, Homophobia, Genderphobia, Religious Bigotry, and hatred or discrimination of any kind.
Consent is paramount, please respect the personal space of our patrons and staff.
If you, or someone around you is being harassed. Please notify one of our staff members immediately.
Anyone found in violation of our rules and safer space policy will be removed from the venue.
To share feedback about an incident regarding harassment that happened in our space, please email

Presented by Public Records

This is a 21+ event

Public Records

233 Butler St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States (Directions)