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Sustain-Release presents 'S-R Tokyo 2.0' day 1

Contact Tokyo

Saturday, June 18, 2022 10:00 PM

Open Format

Event Details

DOOR ¥4,500 / W/F ¥4,000 / GH S MEMBERS ¥4,000 / ADV ¥3,250 / BEFORE 23 ¥2,500 / UNDER 23 ¥2,500

Advance Ticket: 18th 1 day ticket ¥3,250 / 19th 1day ticket ¥2,250 / 2 days ticket ¥5,000

New York’s premier festival Sustain-Release returns to Contact Tokyo before its closing as S-R Tokyo 2.0!

It was just a few weeks after the last “Sustain-Release Meets Tokyo” event in January 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across the world with seemingly no end in sight. Rave and dance music scenes everywhere have been forced to reexamine the value of bringing people together, and how to continue doing so under new circumstances. As a result, fresh ideas that seek to keep communities connected have emerged, underscoring the immense effort and support that go into preserving the scene.
S-R Tokyo 2.0’s goal is to capture the underground scene that connects the cities of New York and Tokyo, and to be a kind of exchange project that offers new music experiences in Tokyo. However, the pandemic made this physically impossible.
During this time, countless events—Black Lives Matter, the US presidential election, scandals surrounding the Immigration Services Agency, war—have all brought various social issues to the fore, and the music scene has responded. These challenges injected fresh energy in the scene, inspiring new artists and new concepts. Ambient took on a new meaning as people couldn’t dance together and instead spent time processing alone. Overlooked and minority artists self-released tons of innovative music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud which inspired a new generation of producers and DJs. Finally these movements are making their way to real dance floors around the world.
We’ve all continued to explore different opportunities in the past two and a half years, but challenges still abound.
The Sustain-Release crew returns to Tokyo, a special place for everyone involved, for an unforgettable weekend of music.

Launched in 2014 and held every year at an upstate camping site in woods, Sustain-Release is New York’s leading rave organized by Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Aurora Halal. In addition to Brooklyn DJs injecting local flavor, their on-point curation has included international guests like DVS1, DJ Stingray, DJ Sprinkles, Lena Willikens, Kassem Mosse, Legowelt, Josey Rebelle, Courtesy, Batu and Jane Fitz, CCL, Eris Drew & Octo Octa as well as Japanese artists such as DJ Nobu, Wata Igarashi, Powder and Chris SSG. Celebrating their 8th anniversary this year, Sustain-Release has been ranked the best festival of the month by Resident Advisor for four years in a row. The festival’s strict policy rejecting all forms of violence and discrimination is also part of the reason for their success. In order to protect this safe environment, the festival is invite-only and is capped at 1,000 tickets, which all sell out in seconds.

Opening up the main floor for S-R Tokyo 2.0 is Lil Mofo, a former London resident and well-loved DJ who has played at underground Tokyo venues such as Open and Grassroots as well as international events such as Berlin Atonal and parties in New York. Next up is Foodman, the one-and-only Japanese producer who has released on labels such as Hyperdub and Will Records, performing a maddening live set guaranteed to drive the crowd into a frenzy. To follow we have Huerco S. who has been making waves with his recent release Plonk from the Anthony Naples and DJ’J imprint Incienso. The label head of the ever-evolving West Mineral ltd. will be making his first Japanese appearance in four years. To finish, Sustain-Release founder Aurora Halal will be closing out the night with a long, spellbinding set.
On the Contact Floor, frequent collaborator of New York’s AceMo, MoMA Ready and DJ Swisha, rising star Kush Jones will be making his Japan debut. Taking styles like Chicago Footwork and Jersey Club to the next level, the producer and DJ will close out Saturday night with the most up-to-date sounds from the US bass music scene. Affiliate of Shimokitazawa’s new venue Spread and organizer of the event series Flattop, YELLOWHURU will hypnotize with a psychedelic house set. DJ Trystero, producer with releases on The Trilogy Tapes and a past performer at New York’s
Sustain-Release, will be making his second appearance at S-R in Tokyo. On opening duties is Kotsu, a member of the Japanese collective CYK and one of the most exciting DJs approaching the club scene with a unique perspective.
For the third zone Foyer, the focus is on local DJs who have been making a mark on the Japanese club scene and beyond with fresh ideas. First we have T5UMUT5UMU who has released on labels such as Brooklyn’s Loveless Records and China’s FunctionLab, blending styles like techno, jungle and breakbeat to create their own sound. Next, Loci + sudden star of ether, the Tokyo collective championing human connection in nightlife, will make a welcome appearance. Familiar to anyone in the Tokyo underground scene, DJ and producer K-yam will deliver an enticing house-focused set, and suimin will build complex grooves through her deft blending of multiple genres. Last but not least, Hibi Bliss, a popular name in the Tokyo LGBTQ scene, will keep spirits high with her signature fusion of everything from K-Pop, Rap and R&B to Dancehall, House and UK club sounds.

As with the last event, exclusive collaborative merch by Boot Boyz Biz and Aoi will be available at the party. A frequent designer of Sustain’s festival merch, Boot Boyz are screen printing experts from New York who’ve gained a cult following over their collections that often sell out within minutes. Japanese embroidery brand Aoi Sangyo works under the motto “Love Contemporary Techno” and has grabbed the attention of fashion enthusiasts the world over.
In addition, neon artist Waku will exhibit his work for the second time at S-R Tokyo, making this year’s event a special experience that can only be made possible in Tokyo through deep connections across different scenes.


2 Chome-10-12 D?genzaka
Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043
Japan (Directions)