Sequence: Peekaboo

DNA Lounge San Francisco

Thursday, September 23, 2021 9:00 PM

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Peekaboo (aka Detroit's Matt Lucas) is the king of space bass. The producer makes his mark in freeform bass in a special universe where dubstep meets trap. You get wubs and wobbles, and cutting edge sound design. Although Peekaboo, who also plays guitar and trumpet, only started creating electronic music in 2017 - music is in his blood. After quitting his day job at guitar center in 2018, Peekaboo fully committed to his craft and began his meteoric ascent. And with friends and fans like ATLiens and Bassnectar, it is no surprise that Peekaboo is a rising star. With choppy, cinematic beats, fuzzy layered samples, all culminating in drops meant to evoke an alien level of otherworldliness, Peekaboo has embraced the space theme to give EDM fans (not just his Boo Crew, but all fans!) wild, heavy dance music - for headbangers and in depth headphone listeners alike. After a year with no shows, Peekaboo's Black Hole tour is going to be the sweetest way to break the seal.


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