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DNA Lounge San Francisco

Friday, July 23, 2021 8:00 PM

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When you think of Whittier, California, two things come to mind: cruising and Richard Nixon. Now you can add a third thing to that list: metal band Exmortus. The band touches on the many metal sub genres, from death and black metal to technical, with a penchant for thrash. Hard and heavy with non stop aggression, Exmortus has been slinging the thrash for close to two decades. Founded by cousins (guitarist/songwriter) Conan and Mario (drums), the metal band started as a boyhood extracurricular activity. And even as band members came and went, Exmortus grew and changed, eventually releasing four full lengths filled with brutal tunes. These dudes make the kind of music your catholic parents hate, complete with images of flesh-feasting and decay, not to mention pounding drums and song titles like Swallow Your Soul (you can tell your parents that this metal band covers Beethoven to even things out). Along with the dark imagery and lyrics comes a technical precision and neoclassical flourishes that you don't always hear in thrash - the instrumentals are sharp and on point, and live the band is tight (being together for almost 20 years will do that to a live set). Exmortus is ready to give what every metal head craves: ferocious vocals, shredding guitars, high energy battle anthems, long hair and leather, and all around mayhem.

DNA Lounge

375 11th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States (Directions)